M103 Skins

Hellow fellow tankers, this is my second attempt to make a suggestion related to the skins available for a tank, if im in the wrong channel pls let me know (admins).

Well, this topic is about the skins for the M103 that i think should be added in the next update or so. Currently the M103 just got 1 skin and for being such a old vehicle and an american classic, it seems wrong to me and aggravating the situation is the fact that the only skin it has seems totally out of place to me and a lot of american tankers will agree. I have noticed that a lot of American tankers as myself, including the youtuber spookston, mark their vehicles with historical decals or buy skins that have that feeling (white stars, historical battalions and so on). The point is that this should be the way to go for the following skins that they intend to add in the following updates, especially for American vehicle, because currently the snake skin has low popularity, since I have never seen an m103 with that and neither have youtubers who use the tank seen it attract them. so the skins that I suggest are the following:

  1. M103 “Ace of Spades” by ItssLuBu

  2. M103 ‘Debra’ 2nd Heavy Tank Battalion, 33rd Armor by ItssLuBu

  3. M103 “24” 34th Arm. E Company [Germany 1959] by Tiger_VI

  4. M103 Bovington’s The Tank Museum by TorTheThundergod

Well, those are my suggestions and we could start a vote to choose the best one, I prefer the first 2.


I mean it is always possible that M103 could get second skin,but seems to me that they want to milk vehicles that they know people really want skins and play.This can be easily seen with M4A3 76 that has total of 6 skins.
M103 sadly isn’t that popular because how bad the 120mm AP works and if you want HEAT slinger M60 is way better choice.

But if I had to pick skin then number 3. It is unique looking. While other skins are also good 1 and 4 are kinda boring looking and not that hard to recreate using ingame decals or close enough.

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another reason i suggest this is because the m103 textures have aged very badly, you can tell the 2014 textures.You can try to recreate some of these skins but you can’t compete with the quality, it’s just something else. This opens debate for another topic, that gaijin should pass all the tanks and planes to hd textures or at least change the default skin of some American vehicles for the one that the t1e1 has with a better quality green very similar to these skins.

I mean in a sense that could be one reason,but then again there is Tiger II and M4A3 that get tons of skins and Tiger II model is even older then M103. Maybe we could see new skins to add these tank when/if they ever get HD models.

Also I would say US is in best spot with this problem because they have easily most unlockable camos that you can use to have different looking vehicle in every match. This is not the case with some nations only having few unique skins outside of plain white and sand colours.

a lot of the vehicle is war thunder do need new models