M1 tank shouldn't have a HESH round (debunked)

The M1 Abrams has a 105 mm rifled barrel, and HESH needs a smooth bore cannon. The M1 only ever used four types of rounds: APFSDS, HEAT, HEP, and Bee-hive. The HEP (High Explosive Plastic) was for use against bunkers and other soft targets, and was not considered an anti-tank round.

That’s wrong. HESH specifically needs rifled barrel. Which is why the Chally 2 kept rifled barrel, because the british wanted to keep HESH rounds

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Now whether or not HESH is the right shell for that tank is another matter altogether, but its not because its a rifled barrel


HEP is the US designation for HESH.

It is that simple.

Interesting, in my service, we never saw it as an anti-tank round - purely for fortifications.

I was inspired to make the post after watching a recent Tank Museum video, and I misheard the narrator. It was my mistake for stating it required a smooth bore.

Now whether or not its for armoured targets is an entirely different question. Probably not. though I run 1 or 2 for those rare times I need something HE (though it should probably do more damage than it does in game, I think there is a post somewhere about that)

From my understanding it was meant for a AP/Anti-fortified target like a bunker or for dealing with things like APCs and not really MBTs.

Found it Why is HESH still in this horrific state

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It’s rather sad.
Thanks for addressing this man’s false claims BTW.

Yeah, easy mistake to make, HESH is a wierd addition to the game at the moment