M1 KVT or M1A1 Click bait

Since the summer sale has started i am looking to buy either one. But not sure which one i have looked at the kvt for a bit but unsure since price difference is so low. Also a bit inexperienced in higer tier.

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depends on your play style preference would recommend test driving both before you make a decision

What’s the difference in play style?

its how you prefer to play your vehicles

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According to the forums, you have 428 battles overall, so in conclusion; buy none.


if you want an Abrams you want an Abrams so why does the amount of battles some one has matter?

Nah, when I first began playing Air RB I bought the Hunter FGA.9 without a clue how to play 9.3, I died many times and eventually learnt how to use it. People can learn the long way like me and eventually become skilled or miss their opportunity to self teach themselves.

People aren’t clueless, they adapt and learn from their mistakes, let the guy buy whatever he wants and he’ll eventually find out his playstyle and how to play 10.3 or 11.3

yea my first aircraft premium was the a-10 my first several matches I was afraid I was gonna get absolutely annihilated by everything but now I g think back and realize one of the biggest threats were the su-25s, now my a-10a is one of my top aircraft closely followed by the f-4c

My brother in christ he’s a lvl 15 player, he’s going to get massacred, how can you not see that?


its all part of the learning

More a part of the suffering.
Not gonna learn much after rage quitting.


M1 KVT is in a much better spot and the better purchase by far, it’s not even close.

And you kinda get a 2 fer 1 vehicle.

Still not a good idea for a level 15.

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I’m sorry, but ground prems are different from air prems. Air prems, you only need one aircraft, but with ground, not having other tanks/aircraft to pad out your lineup is being all but useless to the team, especially for newer players.

I have top tier in both air and ground, this also includes premiums for both game modes. It has applied for me and my many other friends who also did the exact same thing, many were clueless at the start but they eventually got the hang of it.

My real life best friend got War Thunder like 1 to 2 years ago and he’s already VERY good at Ground RB, I already consider him much above average and he first started as a premium player at the higher BRs.

And you get 20 free backups now anyways, this isn’t as much as an issue as you make it appear to be

Our suffering, not his. He’ll be dead and gone, we’ll be man down and contributing to an ever increasing amount of BS to deal with the 1DL’ers.

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when I got my m1a1 aim I was using it with the m109