M1 Abrams needs a better round

M1 Abrams has one of the least penetrating round among all the 10.3 tanks.M774 barely does any damage.Give it a better round or reduce it’s BR to 10.0


Do you want M900 with it ?

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Giving it M900 would increase it’s BR to at least 10.7.This tank doesnt have that much armor for that BR.At that BR it will almost always face top-tier mbts.

It needs a comparable round to other 10.3s.

Why if it doesn’t have comparable reload to other 10.3s ?

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what do you mean?It has comparable reload rate with other 10.3 mbts

I mean the 105 on the M1 does have a slightly faster reload being like a second faster than the standard 105/120 reload. Though I’m not against adding M833, which is still lower pen than the top rounds of 120s of the BR. But M774 still does fine, don’t think M833 will change much so I’m quite indifferent, would perhaps allow more reliable ufp pens against say the turms.


I might hope any day gajin consider 1st APFSDS M774 replacement M735 and for 2nd APFSDS M774 replace by M833 but stay 10.3 BR

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5.75s vs 6.9/7.1s will matter a lot in plenty of situations.


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M774 really struggles with angled armor

It has a comparable reload to other 10.3 MBTs.

CR1 Mk3 loads in 5s when aced.

M833 (as it is a fairly mediocre round for 10.3) wouldn’t make the M1 basic that much better.

The balance of power between the slow CR1 Mk3 using L26 with significantly increased penetration and an M1 using M774 or M833 is identical. CR1 is slower but hits harder, M1 is faster but doesn’t have the punching power.

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what is CR1 by the way?

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Challenger 1.

That doesn’t really matter if your round cant do any significant damage to the enemy tank.I know it is possible to destroy the breach of ussr style mbts due to this but you cant really do much against tanks that have strong mantlet or strong lfp.Almost always M774 fails to penetrate Leopard 2A4’s mantlet armor even at really close distance.

It has a pretty good round paired with pretty good reload speed, but I don’t see people calling them to be really strong or meta, I wonder why is that ?
Is it maybe because it has only 4 rounds in ready rack, which of course, you will go through really fast and then you’ll be left with ~8.5s reload (stock) and that’s basically one of your biggest advantages gone ?

A tank should have some mediocre stats when compared to it’s contemporaries, otherwise it would be too strong for it’s BR.
It’s always fascinating to see people complaining about a single/couple thing(s) their tank does mediocre, all the while it’s top dog in many other metrics.

Lmao so M774 is useless then.

I guess barrel is also indestructible to that godawful round, right ?
Also, which tank’s LFP can stop M774 ?


Leopard 2A4(Probably due to volumetric bug).It is possible to pen its LFP but it’s really inconsistent.

M833 would be enough really don’t need to jump to M900 for that BR


Yup.It’s really funny that some 10.3s have 550+ penetrating rounds while M1 Abrams doesnt even have a 400+ pen round.

Oh man you just can’t. I understand it but if that happen Russian main will cries like babies.

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Why are you even going for 2A4’s LFP ? If he isn’t a complete noob only thing there will be the driver.

It’s also really funny how some of the vehicles around that BR have mobility and gun handling as if they were at 9.0.
As I said, every vehicle should have it’s pros and cons, so if it doesn’t it’s either overtiered or undertiered.

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