M1 120mm variants breach over pressure bugs


After the barrel have been destroyed the tank will have an armor gap and allowing any high enough TNT shell to over pressure the crews. (This type of bug seem to be fixed on most vehicle but on the Abrams it still haven’t fixed or the gap wasn’t closed properly)
here is the video link: https://youtu.be/0DmGZOCT1C4

game version

Its prior to most vehicles nkt just Abrams

It’s due to them making blacked out modules not give any protection.

Okay. mb but I did a retest on some tank it seem like the tiger 2h have been fixed (I can’t replicate the bug anymore only on the Tiger 2h) but T-Series and the Abrams are still having the problem.

Just another source spaghetti in a Dagor engine pot.

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I thought this section is used for bug reports but it seem like it wasn’t. Should I make a bug report on the report an issue section? Did they already have this problem reported?

I couldnt find any new report on this so far, so you might should.

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if i remember right the chieftain used to have something like this and i think someone found there was a piece of armour missing near the turret ring.

Idk if the chieftain have been fixed or not but this big are kinda new problem it’s happen only if the barrel is broken.

looks similar i guess



It’s kinda same thing cause the round exploded around the breach and the barrel was destroyed.