M.B. 155 C-1: Bloch's final WW2 production fighter

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Welcome again, in this suggestion we’ll be having a look at the final fighter from Bloch that reached production before the fall of France in world war 2: the M.B.155 C-1

The Bloch M.B.155 was a further development of the 151 and 152. The 2 earlier models were well regarded, but one of their main shortcomings was their short range, and so, in 1939 and an official request was sent for an improved version of the M.B.152.
The first prototype of the new model, named M.B.155 would first fly in February of 1940 and it featured a decent range of improvements. Obviously the fuel capacity had been increased to increase the range of the aircraft. This had been achieved by moving the cockpit backwards and fitting a new fuel tank in front of it. The tail skid of the older models had also been replaced by a caster, this solution was sturdier and more adjustable than the old skid. The engine cowling was redesigned to be more aerodynamic and a new, broader wing was also mounted. Curiously, on serial number 701 and 708 , the armament was also upgraded from the standard 2x 20mm + 2x 7.5mm to a new standard of 2x 20mm + 4x 7.5mm. This seems to have actually been an unauthorized upgrade that was pushed through by Bloch, as the design had not been formally accepted yet

By the time the aircraft first flew, war had already broken out, and France found itself lacking seriously in fighter aircraft. An order for 200 M.B.155s quickly came in and production started on the first series aircraft, designated M.B.155 C-1. By the fall of France, only 6 155s had been delivered. These aircraft were delivered from June 15 onwards. Giving them but 7 days of operational service before the armistice. In this time they managed to fly 6 sorties, one of which resulted in the downing of a German HS 126. After the fall of France, the Vichy régime took over and they now found themselves in possession of the aircraft. 19 more vehicles were in an advanced stage of production and these were eventually finished, bringing the total number of produced M.B.155s, including prototypes, to 30. Another 15 would be produced as unarmed trainers for the German Luftwaffe.
During the war they saw service against allied troops several times. In the Levant, 10 aircraft were engaged to stop the British landings in the area. These aircraft attacked RAF forces and in the process lost 3 vehicles without scoring a single kill.
Later in the war the aircraft were once again sent to engage allied forces, this time after the landings in North Africa. 22 155s were sent to support the bomber force, but once again they did not manage to score any aerial victories.
It was only in 1942 that the first aerial victory under the Vichy flag for the aircraft would take place. They downed a single British Martlet Mk.II, a twin-engine aircraft of unconfirmed model is also said to have been downed by an M.B.155.
After the Germans invaded the French free zone, the remaining 155s were seized and sent to Germany, where they served their remaining life as trainers.

General Characteristics:

  • Length: 9.05 m
  • Width: 10.55 m
  • Height: 3.95 m
  • Wing surface: 17.30 m^2
  • Powerplant: 1 Gnome & Rhône 14N-49, providing 1100 hp
  • Range: 1050 km
  • Maximum speed: 520 km/h
  • Crew: 1
  • Empty weight: 2100 kg
  • Total weight: 2900 kg


  • 2x Hispano HS404 autocannons with 60 rounds each
  • up to 4x 7.5 km MAC 34 M.39 machine guns (800 rounds each)

Place in-game:
The M.B.155 being one of the last French fighters in world war 2 to have entered serial production definitely deserves a place in-game. Currently the only member the the M.B.150 family that we have as a researchable vehicle is the 157 which is curiously a prototype aircraft, only one of which was built. The mass produced M.B.152 exists only as a rare event vehicle which is elusive to most. This feels like a huge missed opportunity to implement domestic French fighter aircraft. The M.B.155 can help to at least partially make up for this. It would fit perfectly into the currently rather empty rank 2 of the French air tree. If this aircraft comes, I’m sure it’ll be a welcome addition to many who will be very happy to finally see a more common member of this fighter family join the game.


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hell yes, french tree need them asap


It’s of course an absolute shame that the MB152 is only a rare event aircraft. But at least we could get this one instead and that would be awesome. And if Gaijin adds the MB151, we could have the Greek ones as a skin.


I remember from the suggestion on the previous forum that the MB 155 could either chose 4 x7.5mm or 2 x 7.5mm and 2 x 20mm without internal change. However, being able to mount 4 Mgs and 2 canons… Is it absolutely certain that it was possible ?

From the sources I’ve gathered and referenced in the post so far, yes. But as mentioned, it was only really mounted on 2 airframes, #701 and #708 with the latter being the only to to be properly operational with this armament.

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As long as it’s historically accurate, I’m all for it. It would give it a fairly decent backup armament when the 20mm dry out.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I was thinking about doing it myself but yours is perfect 👌
And I am amazed we still don’t have this marvelous production plane in the tech tree!


Thanks buddy, I appreciate that you like the suggestion! It is indeed unfortunate that we don’t have it in-game yet, but the same can be said for many other French aircraft of this time period.


+1 This would fit perfectly in Rank 2, and fixes the 157s issue of burning all its ammo in 20 seconds and having no backup. Also, such a beautiful plane!

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