M-50 155 SP, Israeli big gun

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I would like to suggest an interesting SPG from Israel, M-50 155mm


the M-50 155 was an artillery tank based on the Sherman chassis. developed initially by France in the end of the 50s, it was tested in France (without superstructure) as an alternative to the 155mm artillery tank before being produced by Israel. chassis was modified mounting a Cummins engine at the front and the turret was removed to leave a rear compartment to receive an open-top superstructure for receiving a 155m gun. developed at the end of the 50s, it was produced in 1965 and was the main artillery tank used during the War of Attribution and the Yom Kipper War. but was supplemented by the L-33 Ro’em. 200 M-50 155 SP was built during the 60s and at the end of the 70s, they were used as reserve artillery tanks.


the main gun was the 155mm Obusier de 155 me 1950 , the firepower would be centred on the weight of his HE rounds. capable of firing different rounds including the French OE mle 56 whose explosive is equivalent to 11.800 kg of TNT (it shall give around 65mm of radial penetration ) and the M107 round which has 9,140 kg of TNT equivalent ( 54mm of radial penetration ) this make the gun capable to blast about any tank. but the velocity of 647 m/sec for the mle 56 makes it a bit limited for long-range use. The elevation has been of -4°/+69° allowing a use in direct fire. It carries 47 rounds but only can fire 2 rounds per minute.

an additional 12.7mm HMG was often installed at the right side of the superstructure to provide a means of close defence.


based on the M-50 mk.2, the M-50 155 SP have the Cummins 460 hp diesel which provides it with a lot better mobility over a regular Sherman. the weight not having been substantially changed remains at 31.000 kg which allows the vehicles to reach the speed of 45 km/h . this gives a power-weight ratio of 14.8 hp/ton . this shall make the SPG pretty capable of moving around with ease and even showing decent mobility in-game.


the chassis has been modified mostly at the rear, and the hull has 51mm of armour at the front and 38mm at the side . but the superstructure was not intended to be used in battle, only featuring thin armour thick enough to take LMG hits. the rear part is open-top and their very rear is completely open making most of the crew very vulnerable. The crew of 8 men is rather large and due to the space limitation, the in-game model is likely to limit the crew to 5 or 6 men.


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Reminds me of the Lorraine 155 mle. 50. +1