Lvkv 42 & VEAK 40 has the wrong ammunition!

Technical Report: Lvakan 48 Ammunition Enhancement Project

The Lvakan 48 Ammunition Enhancement Project aims to address an issue in War Thunder regarding the accuracy of the Lvakan 48’s shells. Our goal is to improve the gaming experience by ensuring the shells match historical specifications, thus restoring the Lvakan 48’s authenticity and effectiveness.

After careful research, we have identified discrepancies in the current shell specifications of the Lvakan 48, specifically the Slsgr m/484 HE-VT and Slpprj m/42B AP. These inaccuracies have negatively impacted gameplay, reducing the Lvakan 48’s performance and historical accuracy.

To rectify this, we propose the following revised shell specifications for the Lvakan 48:

Slsgr m/484 HE-VT:

  • Weight: 0.977 kg
  • Velocity: 1000 m/s
  • Casing weight: 2.5 kg
  • Length: 534 mm

Slpprj m/42B AP:

  • Weight: 0.930 kg
  • Velocity: 1025 m/s
  • Casing weight: 2.5 kg
  • Length: 504 mm

We also recommend the addition of two important ammunition types to enhance the Lvakan 48’s capabilities:

Slukpprj m/42B APDS:

  • Weight: 0.705 kg
  • Velocity: 1200 m/s
  • Casing weight: 2.25 kg
  • Length: 474 mm

HE-T (High Explosive - Tracer):

  • Projectile weight: 0.95 kg
  • Muzzle velocity: 1005 m/s

These revised specifications have been derived from reliable sources, ensuring a focus on historical accuracy and improved performance. We have consulted with experts and utilized the following sources:

Motivational Perspective:
Implementing the Lvakan 48 Ammunition Enhancement provides an opportunity to reinvigorate the gaming experience, reignite players’ passion, and restore the Lvakan 48’s significance in War Thunder. By ensuring historical accuracy, players can immerse themselves in authentic gameplay, honoring the valor and legacy of the Lvkv 42 & VEAK 40.

The Lvakan 48 Ammunition Enhancement Project is a crucial endeavor in the War Thunder community. Through meticulous research and the implementation of revised shell specifications, we can restore historical accuracy and unlock the true potential of the Lvakan 48.

With the revised Slsgr m/484 HE-VT, Slpprj m/42B AP, Slukpprj m/42B APDS, and HE-T shells, players will experience an improved gaming experience, exceeding expectations and instilling a renewed sense of pride. Let us embark on this journey together, embracing the challenge and seizing the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Together, we shall restore the honor, precision, and power of the Lvakan 48. Unleash the true potential - victory awaits!

“Through historical accuracy, we forge an unbreakable path to triumph.”

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