Lvkv 42 Facts (to make the Lvkv 42 accurate ingame)

This is a post to drop all facts and pictures about the Lvkv 42 or as it was designated before 1953 “fm/49”

The Bofors VAK 40 S 49 (Wagon Autocannon Swedish model 1949) was a Swedish early Cold War project to develope a SPAAG (self-propelled anti-aircraft gun). It was to connect to a fire control unit with radar for calculated fire. Project scrapped in 1959 ish. Army designation was initially lvkv fm/49 (luftvärnskanvagn försöksmodell 1949), later lvkv 42 post 1953.

Long story short. During WWII, the Swedish Army found a need for SPAAGs (self-propelled anti-aircraft guns) for the armoured divisions. After a proof of concept vehicle in 1942, the first development started, becoming the lvkv fm/43 (2x Bofors 40/60). The design was ready too late for the war and quickly became dated with the jet age. The replacement became the lvkv fm/49, post 1953 known as the lvkv 42 (1x Bofors 40/70). The idea was to have a gun system vehicle with a separate radar unit connected to it for radar fire, preferably a second vehicle. Two gun vehicle prototypes were built, designated Bofors VAK 40 S 49, short for Vagn Automatkanon 40 mm Swedish model 1949 (VAK = Wagon Autocannon).


Basic information about the Lvkv 42 (not everything in-game, yet.)
Weight of projectiles: 0.96 kg
Muzzle velocity: 1000 m/sec
Rate of fire: 240 rounds/min
Elevating speed: 45 deg/sec
Traversing speed: 70 deg/sec
Field of elevation: -5 to +85
Field of traverse: unlimited
Total weight: approx. 13.500 kg
Max speed: 60 km/h


(L/70 amunition for Standard configuration) so 40x364R


40mm Lvakan 48D
40mm Lvakan 48D2

L/60 ammunition for training/If needed. (weapon conversion needed before chambering)



This is not nearly all, There is still alot unknown like the Interior design (to my knowlage)


If you have anything that you would like to add please do.