Lunging Strike BP challenge

That BP challenge starts tomorrow and I would like to know if 30mm cannons from swedish jets can do the challenge, because the goal is to kill with stealth ammo, but since they don’t have tracers on any setting, there is no need to create a “stealth ammo set”

Knowing gaijin, I believe that it will only count kills made with an ammo belt that is labelled as “stealth belt”. Feel free to test a match and let us know if it does.

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No they will not work. Stealth belts are found in lower BR’s

Unless they say Stealth they will not count for the BP challenge

aside from these jets, every other one will have stealth ammo too bro

yea i never looked in the ammo thing before, was surprised to see jets with stealth belts. I thought they were only for prop planes lol.

Unfortunally I just test it using the draken default ammo, albeit lacking any tracers, its not considered stealth ammo

The post title is Lunging Strike, which is different to the stealth ammo challenge, but it seems like you mean the stealh ammo challenge… so answering on that.

As far as I can tell you need to select the “stealth” labelled belt, regardless of the actual ammo composition of the belt (it’s not just tracers that aren’t stealth, other ammo rounds are visible too). Also, if you have mixed caliber guns then it’s best to select stealth on all of them of you shoot all of them at the same time.

(edit: incorrect (opposite!) definition of tracers… whoops)

If there are actually ammo non tracers that are visible either gaijin forgot to make a stealth belt for all 30mm swedish cannon for jets or its a mistake from you

Yeah fair point – I recall a long while back lots of different multi-colored visual effects for rounds of different ammo type, but that was well before jets (well, the rank 6+ ones and especially before Sweden came along) and ammo color is not something I really notice these days. So I was thinking back to that and not checking my “facts”.
My statement about non-tracer rounds being visible should be considered incorrect and can be retracted from the transcript! :)

But the “stealth belt” thing remains… it wouldn’t surprise me if non-visible ammo does not make a stealth belt. A few of the early prop planes with gunners have belts which aren’t labelled stealth but don’t contain visible rounds. I wonder if this issue is the same for them. (Unfortunately I’m a rubbish gunner and can’t test reliably test it)

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