Luigi Rizzo Class, Frigate, Luigi Rizzo F596

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The “Luigi Rizzo” class was made up of 4 units, Luigi Rizzo, Carlo Bergamini, Virgilio Fasan and Carlo Margottini, the four units bore the names of as many famous sailors of the Royal Navy decorated with a Gold Medal for military valor. Initially classified as “Type 2 fast corvettes” and later classified as frigates, they were the first escort units in the world to embark an anti-submarine helicopter and entered service between 1961 and 1962. The construction was entirely in steel,the engine system was composed of four Tosi diesel engines that limited the speed, the armament of all respect for the time was composed of three 76 / 62mm OTO-Melara cannons, one 305mm Menon antisubmarine bomb launcher, 6 torpedo tubes 324mm Mk-32 in 2 triple systems, 1 AB-47 anti-submarine helicopter. The equipment electronics consisted of one AN/SPQ-2 surface radar, one AN/SPS-12 air radar, two RTN-10 fire radar. The “Luigi Rizzo” frigate was built in the Navalmeccanica shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia, it entered service in 1961 until 1980.


Crew: Officers: 13 - Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 154

Empty weight: 1526 tons
Full load: 1553 tons

Length: 94 m
Width: 11,4 m
Full Load Draft: 3,1 m

Engine System:
4 Tosi diesel engines
2 propellers
Power: 17.000 HP
Speed: 26 knots (48,15 km/h)

5240 miles (9704 km) at 18 knots

3 Cannons 76/62 mm OTO Melara (single systems)
6 Anti-Submarine torpedo launchers 324mm Mk-32 (2 trinated implants)
1 Long Menon Anti-Submarine bomb launcher 305mm
1 Anti-Submarine helicopter AB-47

Electronic equipments:
1 surface radar AN/SPQ-2
1 air radar AN/SPS-12
2 fire radar RTN-10

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