LSDW system as the highlight of China's technology tree

The ZTZ-99 main battle tank has been added to War Thunder for 2 years. However, so far, the LSDW it carries has not been added to the game.
In the game Q&A earlier this year, the development team expressed their interest in the mechanic, so I would like to ask when it will be added to the game as a complement to the Type 99 tank’s lack of penetration and long reload time in the current game.
In various reports, we can easily find that the effect of this mechanism is to suppress the CMOS sensor of the enemy vehicle’s observation system by detecting the direction of the enemy vehicle’s laser beam and firing a high-energy laser through a small laser emitter.Considering that we can’t temporarily disable the gunner’s or commander’s sight for other players, this is a great disruption to the game.
So can we do this by jamming the laser rangefinder reading, that is, when the enemy vehicle measures the distance between the Type 99 tank and the enemy vehicle itself through the laser rangefinder, setting the distance reading to 9999, as well as interference with part of the laser-guided missile.
War Thunder As a game, the differences between different countries mainly exist in the unique mechanics of different countries, such as rapid reloading in Japan and thick protection in Sweden. China, on the other hand, will take the laser suppression system as its highlight.


I think the LSDW system can be made like make a flickering light spot when enemy use laser irradiation the ZTZ99(A) and make a randomized distance if is a tank irradiation it