Lowering the Br of the STORMER HVM

I make it Quick…

The Stormer is Trash and should not be above 10.0

Wdym? Its the best SPAA on its BR, there is no SPAA that is more effective at shooting down helicopters, and even against planes it is very lethal.

I play the Stormer and the Roland and I would disagree strongly with that statement. I like the Roland much much more then the Stormer. The Stormer isnt as effective as it should be and helicopters almost always survive more then one hit, not the case with the Roland.

The proxy fuse also makes the Roland much easier to play then needinng direct hits on targets, the Range is also longer.

Sure you have 8 Starstreak ready and can spam them, in contrast to only 2 and then needing to reload.
I much prefer shooting 2 missiles and getting 1-2 kills, then shooting almost always 2-3 missiles every kill because you either miss or the darts dont make enough damage.

I think the damage models on many helis are wrong. I hit a whatever the gazzelle is called with a direct hit through where the pilot should have been with a 120mm round from a challenger. I got a crit hit but it didnt go down, took a second round. Was only about 800m out. I think the HVM is in the same boat. Not yet unlocked it but sounds more like helis tanking a hit they shouldnt be rather than the stormer not doing the correct amount of “damage”

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The thing is, Starstreak is faster than Vikhr, which is why its the best heli counter, also they cant proxy it, unlike normal SPAA missles.

you might be right on that one, Im not sure myself, I can just tell you that helicopters go down more reliable with the Roland.

and a 120mm APFSDS will just overpenetrate and do no damage, you really need to hit, like you said, the pilot or other important parts, probably was just unlucky that you didnt kill the pilot, we know how WT is sometimes.

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I get your point but what good is it going to do if your Startstreak wont kill the Ka-50/Ka-52 with one hit? You will just die because you wont be able to shoot a second one because the Vikhr is already to close.

Trust me, I really like the Stormer because its a very interesting concept of a missile and I really would want the Stormer to be better at shooting down helis but as its now its just not very good.

That is not issue of Stormer, but wonky heli dmg models, as said before helis can survive multiple 120 mm APFSDS tank shell hits, sometimes also HEATFS,HE or whatever other shell tanks can use.

yes thats not an issue with the Stormer but that problem makes it also the problem of the Stormer which because of it makes it underperforming to say the least.

They certainly need to either fix heli damage models ASAP or give the Stormer a small, short term buff to compensate.

they definitely also need to rework when Kamovs are considered as dead.
With every other Heli youre dead when you lose your tail, since you cant fly without that anymore but Kamovs dont need their tail to fly or hover, so you get a kill but the Ka-50/52 still guides a Vikhr at you and kills you aswell.

Yeah, seen that before. It is historically accurate, though annoying. It will boot you out of a flyable but badly damaged plane, but wont do the same for all helis.

Im not saying a Kamov player should be kicked out of their heli just because his tail is gone, Im just saying that you shouldn’t get a kill message but a crit message instead.

Ah I see. yeah that would make a lot more sense