Lowering the BR of the Freccia Class boats to 4.0/4.3

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I’d like to bring forward the issue that is the Saetta and the Freccia (P-494 and P-493). Both of these boats are at 4.7 br. The highest of any other costal vessels, even when their strengths pale in comparison to lower br boats. Consequently the Saetta sits at 4.7 due to its Nettuno missiles (which were recently nerfed to a 9kg TNT= warhead), in comparison to the USS Douglass, a ship with a rapid 76mm gun and 2 Rim-24A missiles that deal considerable more damage both due to their warhead that more than triples that of the Nettuno but, also their SAP penetrator. The Douglass sits at 4.0, even though it outclasses the Saetta in every way. Next is the Freccia a torpedo boat at 4.7 that is bigger, slower, and carries less torpedoes than its German counterpart, the Jaguar, at 4.3.

These BR discrepancies need to be rectified by lowering the BR of the Freccia to 4.0 and the Saetta to 4.3.

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You are right, we already pointed this out in the old forum, but got no response.

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I’m not sure a 3"/50 Mk.22 cannon can be considered rapid fire for a weapon thst jams after like 20 shots compared to a 40 mm/70 OTO-BREDA cannon, The RIM-24A are what makes the Douglas OP but the rest on an Asheville hull is pathetic.

Still the BR reduction of these two vessels are needed since they’re essentially legacy BR’s from a time when these vessels were the powerhouses of NF ntm iirc Italy doesn’t have a 4.7 lineup anymore.

Then again Italy needs a lot of work to make it a good TT again and these reductions would be a first step for them.


A relic from the time period when it had no hull break, DD had simple 3 or 5 compartment damage models like coastal vessels combined with the pre-BB HE damage models where it could kill anything in its BR range before they could react.
Unfortunately I just don’t see them touching it because in the current bot infested game players who spawn PT boats to cap win matches, combine that with most people playing Italy to be more experienced and I’d imagine most players are doing pretty good stat wise.

“players who spawn PT boats to cap win matches”

There should be way more players spawning PT boats then spawning utterly useless slow ships not playing the objective. If you sail a ship that would take 20 minutes to reach an objective you better deliver your A-game and have more kills than all other team members together. Otherwise the boat players have a bigger contribution to the game

I seriously agree with TheEasternSpy about BR nerfing for Freccia & Saetta patrol boat…

I’ll start with Freccia, back then it was a deadly powerhouse that could easily spam gearing-level crew HP in minutes with just guns blazing mode… BUT now it can barely even kill Groza & River frigate with either all-gun or torpedo mount… Plus it can barely fight on par with MPK patrol boat these days hence why it worth 4.0 instead.

Next one is Saetta… Now that its missile been nerfed via latest update, its only worth 4.0 at highest to 3.7 lowest due to its capability to have wider firing arc than Douglas and have 5 salvo compared to 2 Terrier missile on Douglas…

To add one more thing… USSR Bravvy is basically worth of 5.0 lowest and NOT good enough to qualify BR 5.3 unless Bravvy has missile modification that allows a 2nd missile slot choice that either specialized against planes or ships. This part IF added would automatically qualify 5.3 slot.

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In my view. it no longer worth of 4.3 unless this ships have missile modification research which gives Saetta capability to effectively snipe either planes or ships…

In short… IF there are improved missile that carries higher TNT yield at least 40KG for anti-ship missile or 15KG TNT yield but can fly near mach 6 toward its target and have at least 50KM range, then it qualify BR 4.3 with current standards

The biggest issue is the warhead. The Nettuno is an HE-F warhead (although likely just HE in game) that lacks any penetration. The Rim-24 on the douglas uses a SAP-HE warhead that can dig into the hull and explode the ammo of nearly any ship

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Noted… I was hoping that Gaijin rework its missile-ship’s BR properly before adding cruisers with missile. Here i mentioned again

USS Douglas BR remains BUT USSR Bravvy BR should be lowered a bit due to its only 2 missile can be fired at one time and quite lengthy reload PLUS its missile are specialized against aircraft BUT only decently effective against unarmored ships with lots of ammo rack or fuel storage. UNLESS Bravvy have received improved missile that specialized anti-ship missile which could be added as research modification, its SHOULD stay at 5.0

About Saetta, with its Nettuno missile nerfed down to being much weaker than most rocket armed on the ships with some exception though, hence its BR SHOULD BE 4.0 with these day’s standard

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Are you kidding me? I want to blow these stupid boats out of the water. They have a range of 10 km and just sit back there THAT I CANNOT EVEN SEE THEM and spam these stupid rockets. What’s even worse, the rockets are invisible after couple of seconds, so all you hear is swoosh before you die. It’s the dumbest addition to the game. If anything, it should go higher in BR as much as possible, so people stop using them.
Just lost my task (time expired) of just killing one more plane (was like 2 km away from it… and swoosh). This damn thing killed 5 planes and 3 boats/ships. Was spamming these stupid rockets the whole match. If anything, the reload rate needs to be nerfed to something reasonable. Also, these damn things need to be visible, if they are able to shoot at a plane from 10 km.

As is standard with missiles in game, when the motor is finished burning, they cannot be seen. I dont know what your sailing but, all it takes to kill a Saetta is one shell from a destroyer. With exception of British Destroyers which have massive ammoracks the Saetta just breaks down its opponents by slowly killing crew.

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Always when I spawn a WW2 bomber, this Seatta missile boat shots me down a few secs after spawn. These boats are lame. Also the 3x Bofors Freccia, I still remember them to gun down early destroyers, frigates, everything … with absolute dominance.

Shouldn’t be lowered. Or wan’t you see even Heinkels, Nells, Betties swatted out of the sky by these lame missiles.

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Shouldn’t be lowered. Or wan’t you see even Heinkels, Nells, Betties swatted out of the sky by these lame missiles.

You have no idea what you’re talking about, if you can’t dodge a missile it’s your own fault.

Your BR must be lowered there is no excuse that holds to keep these ships crippled.

Occasionally missiles can be dodged - but the bombers are not real maneuverable, and missiles have a proximity fuse with a big 9.6kg warhead, so don’t need a direct hit anyway!

Yeah and its abused totally. Quite often there are Seatta players which just bunker down at their spawn and aim for the air spawn area. As soon as someone dares to spawn a plane, they shot it down.

Also keep in mind that missiles are invisible as soon as the booster runs out, which is usually shortly after launch. So you won’t see it coming. Alot ppl also just don’t expect that they might be shot by a modern ground to air missile while they’re fyling a FW-190 from 1942 or something…so they fly straight towards their targets, this way Seatta’s also kill alot fighters. Seen Seatta player with 10ish air kills. Its just unfair. Their BR needs to go up to max. Also vs. boats this missile is meh. Kills any boat class with one hit over ludicrous ranges and you can’t escape this guided nonsense thing.

It is clearly OP against WW2 fighters, bombers and boats, and the lower the BR of the Saetta, the more absurd the vehicle will be.
If you believe that it is your own fault that you can’t evade missiles, does that mean you don’t think the BR should be changed from 3.3 even if the PG-02 can now also carry Type 90 SSM?

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I think that Gaijin should at least make the enemy missile can be seen/detected a bit further on arcade gameplay, about 6km max range, 2km extra after missile smoke ran out about 4km sprint in order to make some fair fight for most WW2 bomber except Terrier SAM which is full-radar lock-on…

Raising it to the max is not enough to balance this ship… Basically in short, raise its BR in Realistic & Simulation would be fair game to most likely 5.0…

In arcade, 4.0 is low enough with current mechanic BUT it can stand on its own on 4.3 max as 2nd option…

PLUS to add, if you know how far your bomber spin, turn and dive enough, you can even easily dodge Saetta missile…

As prove, i once dodge both Douglas & Saetta missile fired toward me at the same time head on dude despite being amongst the world weakest player level after zackzooter though

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Occasionally missiles can be dodged - but the bombers are not real maneuverable, and missiles have a proximity fuse with a big 9.6kg warhead, so don’t need a direct hit anyway!

As I said before, what you said is not a valid excuse for keeping these ships paralysed, when the USS Douglass is at BR 4.0 with much more powerful missiles launch radius 14km and huge explosive mass compared to the Lightning of 48.28kg.
USS Douglass outperforms the Lightning in every way but remains at BR 4.0, avoid complaining, as I said before there is no excuse that holds up to keep this Italian ship crippled by an absurdly high BR.

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