Lower the br of the j-7D and j-7E to 10.7

why? cuz they only carry 4 missles compared to the russians that can carry 6 missles

How about

(Perhaps PL-5C maybe for J-7E if it’s really struggling, but it doesn’t seem to be since it has the better wings and goofy missiles? And I could possibly understand J-7D going down but only if it’s preforming badly, which it doesn’t seem to be…)


Personally I think the j7D could go down as it’s just an inferior platform compared to the J7E at the same br. Last time I played it, it was very much so mediocre at best compared to your other options at 11.0, being the 7E and 8B.

both deserve the PL-5C end of discussion


same with the j-8b

J-8b is good where its at

J-7E doesnt need them at all though

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