Low tier drop tanks

I know that there we drop tanks for the BF 109, P-51C-10 (after watching red tails) and future P-51 generations, P-61C-1 Black Widow, F4U Corsair (and most naval fighters), P-38 Lightning, A6M5 resin honestly most Japanese aircraft could have them, and the list goes on so could we please get some drop tanks.

Despite i would love to see them just for the sake of a more realistic appearance in external view - why do want to see them?

for the same reason the f16 has drop tanks also it would be useful for the learning experience so you could get used to and learn good uses for them in lower tiers so you have that experience for top tier. not to mention you could ask the same question on why you added them at all.

By the time you get to the F-16 you’ll probably be able to figure out how to use them. For anything other than jets, they aren’t useful, even in SIM because you run out of bullets long before gas. The only mode I ever run out of fuel in is the assaults. And there, you just get a new plane.

Outside of its functional use in game, much of my want for them is due to aesthetics. It also isn’t too farfetched of a consideration since a model of the Zero has a functional drop tank. Will I use it in normal games? No. But I will have them on as a type of display.

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