Low quality snow textures on ultra settings

Hi, recently i bought new pc, installed wt with full ultra hq client + high quality textures from dlc on steam but my snow texture looks like shitty repeated texture (1st screen) but my gf’s textures look like actual snow (2nd screen). Is there something wrong with my settings or do i need to reinstall the game?
Also she is intel/nvidia and i’m full amd, i’m testing now with my cousin who is intel/amd and he also has this low quality snow…

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Im having the same issue
And im on full AMD
Except it previously did look correct
I completely wiped my SSD and reinstalled windows and stuff and it still happens

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Reverting the GPU driver to 23.8.2 fixed the issues
so it sounds like its on AMD to fix it

I have the same issue on AMD GPU, all ground textures are low quality and flat (there is no displacement maps). I’ve tested changing to SSD from HDD, all kinds of settings but I can confirm that it is an AMD drivers issue. If you roll back to august update (23.8.2 like Elijah1573 has said) it will look normal again.