Low caliber APFSDS post pen

What is the deal with the Aubl HVG APFSDS?
The M300 has some of the worst post pen damage I have seen

I don’t understand how 30mm APDS has better post pen damage than 60mm APDS-FS?

With a 7.8 second reload, that’s only an RoF of 7 per minute, whilst the BMPs with 30mm APDS not only get more post pen, they also get 550 RPM, or like 7000% higher RoF, but lacking the penetration.


yeah this looks quite un-logical…
how the hell does a 30mm APDS have more post pen than a actual APFSDS shell, i suggest passing it to the bug reporting and see if this is supposed to be intended (hopefully not) or if this is a bug

edit: does the same happen to heavy/medium tanks? cause this is a light tank with little armor and little shrapnel to create when penetrated, try the same with the more armored tanks


The BMP doesn’t have the same levels of pen so it’s not going to able to pen armored tanks, and it mainly fights light armored vehicles or uses the weak spots, but the BMP is only efficient due to the high RoF whilst the Aubl cannot kill anything in a single shot.

But without any sort of post pen damage the higher pen isn’t really an advantage.


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Looks like it has been reported months ago as well, which points out that even a 25mm round from the Bradley has better post pen than the 60mm.


But some cosmetic issue with the smoke grenades gets resolved instantly.



yeah that seems absolutely unfair, I suggest reporting it again yourself. Maybe a second report by someone will make Gaijin resolve this issue.

Could someone explain to me why in the penetration simulator it indicates that I can penetrate a Turm III, but not at game time?
or whatever? the M300 doesn’t pierce anything in games, I have to shoot from behind as there are very few tanks that I can destroy from the front or from the side

Not that it matters as you won’t do damage either way, but the front plate has some corner pieces that easily add quite a bit of extra angle that might mess up your shot.


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I agree with you 100%, this situation is ridiculous, as the reload time of the 60mm otolemara carousel. It’s not for balance, it’s yet another nerf applied without any sense. nerfed bullet, nerfed reload…