Low BR French tanks

I’ve been trying to unlock all the camouflages for the bottom BR French tanks, and I’ve reached the conclusion that it will take me at least a few months just to get the 21 more kills I need to finish the 1.0 BR tanks. The only tanks I have left are FCM.36 and H.35. These two tanks in particular are complete TRASH. They only have 1 shell type, APCR, that can penetrate a maximum of 36mm. I might as well be throwing bricks at the enemies! I can be right next to another 1.0 BR tank, shooting it in the side, and all my shots bounce off like they’re made of rubber.
And the few times I am able to get a hit, it is almost never a killing blow, and I have to keep shooting but someone else always take the kill before I can figure out how to finish them off. Am I doing something wrong? If so, what is it? I’m almost at the point of pulling my own hair out because this is so absurdly frustrating.


No you are not wrong - they are more rubbish than the usual rubbish.


When thunderskill was actually accurate, low teir french had by FAR the lowest win rate of any br in any nation. All the way down to 24% on one breakdown i saw. They are WW1 tank designs that were wildly unsuited to actual tank combat.

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No, you’re just playing 2 of the worst tanks in the game in terms of tank combat, cause they are made to fight infantry

My advice for playing them :

  1. Don’t hope for one-shot of the tanks, it’s impossible, on the other hand try to provide as much assistance as possible
  2. Do not try to shoot at long distances, the gun is not precise and does not have enough penetration to do damage beyond 500 or 600m, prefers short distance engagements
  3. Use your armor, the FCM-36 is surprisingly well armored, use that to get as close as possible to enemy positions
  4. Take advantage of the depression and the stabilizer of the gun, these tanks were created to fight infantrymen in the trenches, the gun therefore has a very significant depression and allows shots at funny angles

To tell you the truth, these tanks are so bad that I find them really funny


Very low tier France is simply something to pass through to get to 2 and 3 BR where its good fun.It is frustrating and it’s also slow.
It feels even slower if you drop back down form top or mid tier.

Kind of " is what it is "

They were made to fight tanks of their era, which was interwar, Issue is their engaging vehicles beyond their time.

Sounds like you just summed up playing the UK below 6BR : )

These tanks are “char léger d’infanterie” which literally means light infantry tanks, their objectives were to accompany the infantry and to confront the enemies that the infantry could encounter, therefore mainly infantry and potentially tanks.

Maybe the OP should play arcade with them and see if he can get his kills there

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I’m already playing arcade…

OK ,have you tried RB ,not so much of a stampede for kills maybe? You might pick a few if either you over run and enemy spawn or they over run yours and you have invulnerability in place? It’s desperate measures but that can be the game some times : )

I’m aware that that still does not change the fact that their interwar-era tanks would perform fine against their kind. However, that said. Aside from that ignore the people by the name of Vamilad and EddieVonHalo. they have some questionable takes if you look through many of these discussion threads.
Honestly, if interwar-era vehicles were introduced, besides the BR changes that would be done the H39, and FCM-36 “Conehead” would do a lot better since the gun would be fighting vehicles with either a copy or a licensed copy of the cannon. Might even have some of these tanks supporting land battleships a lot more.

Can you stay on topic ,stop insulting others and stop trolling.

I shouldn’t be laughing this hard…

I actually seem to have been doing better than expected, I only have 13 more kills to go…

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Keep going you will get it.Having little personal private missions are what this game is about as opposed to stat chasing and worrying about what everyone else is doing.

You will have to treat yourself to the B1 Ter as a victory gift then you can really have some fun.

I recommend don’t next time making a thread post my guy. Cause over time your gonna get better however, some matches just won’t be a great experience It’s just how WT is.

I mean, isn’t part of having a forum so that players can discuss random or even inconsequential things about the game and how they play? A lot of posts on most forums aren’t about serious issues or bugs, they’re just personal opinions or random stories. Or even discussions that are completely unrelated to the forum itself.

Yes, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have bad actors who make very obscure claims that have nothing more than anime grade filler. Inside of it.