Lost All Loc in Days

So the other day, I logged in after roughly 24 hours of not logging in.
To my surprise I did not get my log in bonus. I have roughly 450 days of logins, and even if I previously missed a log in it just put me back a day or two. Now it appears to have started me over completely, because I am not even getting the bonus after over 24 hrs.

Anyone know if there’s an issue?

They don’t drop off instantly, but what could easily have happened is you got the daily from the previous day, played through the rollover time, logged off, then logged back on 24 hours later, missing the rollover time, making it possibly longer that you’ve missed the rollover.

Rollover is like 12GMT or something.

So say you logged in at 11GMT, play for 4 hours, then off for 24 hours, to come back and you’ve missed 2 days there or something near to that concept.

This makes sense. It seems to be kind of the opposite of when you log in twice in the same short period of time and get “two days” worth of bonuses.