Lost account support

So long story short I lost my war thunder account and i’m trying to get it back and i’ve created a support ticket and after creating a detailed response which should have given me my account back I was sent a response which clearly was made by a bot ignoring everything I had just said…. How can I get a real person or who do I have to contact to get my account back? this bot isn’t going to help me :(

You need to chase that ticket up. It’s how you do it.

Have you still got access to the original email address? That’s a common sticking point, as without access to that, that makes it all the more harder.

You wanna keep an eye on that ticket.

Just keep up with it, and watch for it to update and respond with whatever info they require when requested.

I did respond with information requested and I got the same message from prior, I gave my IP adress, steam acc, used same email, Showed receipts for my purchases my pc make i’ve done almost everything I can just for a bot response

registration date and more

Yea, just sit on it for a bit, they’ll get round to it.

Commonly the bot responses are merely form requirements, and as long as you provide what it needs, they’ll get around to it.

(I’d hazard a guess there is a lot of requests and tickets going everywhere right now)

Okay so basically just ignore it and eventually a human should jump in?

Well, yea… Just be sure to keep that address out of your spam folder and keep an eye out for any responses from it.

yeah iv’e kept up on it already multiple times just hoping I don’t have to wait another week, thanks

In that notice I linked, it says if you bump it, it’ll put you to the back of the queue, so careful about that.

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