LOSAT Gonna Struggle

Looks like she needs to be positioned “level” to the target to do well. There are like exactly two maps where this is doable - the port and the city. Otherwise her gameplay reminds me of a tank without a stabilizer and no depression. Has some of the AMX-30 vibes, and will probably end up at the same BR of ~8.3.

Gen 2 thermals, 700+mm of pen, stabilized gunner sight…
It’s too powerful for 8.3.


An F-100 (for china O_o), a ship, a absolute non-meta ground vehicle, which is very hard to play on all these small cqc maps.

Its easy to ignore the event this year. The cool japanese bomber with that guided bomb might be bought out of the market for nothing.

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Additionally, the ATGM needs to have more precision at long distances, after 1000 meters the missile tends to get too out of control.

So what?It doesnt have any stabilizer for the launcher.What are you going to do with a stabilizer if the vehicle cannot fire on the move or cannot elevate it’s launcher?

You can’t fire it on the move anyway so I don’t understand the point of mentioning it.

I said it because stabilised gunner sight is useless in this tank.Stabilised sight isn’t going to make any difference if the vehicle cannot fire on the move.I’m not saying that this thing should get the ability to fire on the move.