Looking to grind Sweden (air) J35XS Draken isnt hitting it for me

As title says, is there any tips?

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Flank. RB-24Js are rear aspect, but 20g. Bring pure flares, with no chaff to maximize countermeasure effectiveness. Use a loadout of 6 rb-24Js and then rockets in all remaining slots as either backup flares or free base damage.

hope for braindead enemies.
thats all you can do.
The missiles are pretty trash, the airframe is bleh and you have almost no flares

Hey at least you get flares at the low low br of 10.7

Seems like right now there is no “braindead enemies” lol, with all the grinding most people are having to do.
Im probably just going to grind the grippen for Sweden.

just take rockets and try to kill a base or something. going a2a wont get you anything

yeah I was thinking of trying to do the same thing but i got shot down a bunch lmao

One hell of a grind, I used no premium plane, just SK60B (reverse thrust ftw, easily slow down enough to make your opponent miss) and SAAB-105G (air spawn, bomb any base you want by insta-dive at the start to gain speed, then return for missiles to dogfight OR keep bombing). I did use premium account though.

The 105 earned me more than any other vehicle in the game by far, even the silver gain ration was the best of all. I don’t have premiums though. After the Saabs I switched to Lansens but they were not good. Huge planes, not that fast, not that mobile. Not best at anything not worst at anything. Just subpar overall.