Looking for purchase guidance to maximize earnings for all countries (long read)

Yeah its a long comment but hear me out. Its taken me a year and a half or more to get to Rank IV or higher in multiple trees as a 90% arcade player (RB is a no-go unless except for specific circumstances). Some trees were started from scratch after I finally bought premium. Some were continuations of where I had stopped playing for over 2 years (Rank III). It takes about 30 to 45 days per plane at the higher tiers based on the amount of hours I have available to play. Recognizing this game is essentially a 2nd job I’m looking to maximize earnings. I am willing to spend a limited amount of money (again) to be part of the 20% of players that support the game and I would like some guidance on premiums and talismans based on my current standings:

Israel - Anything in Rank V worth putting a talisman on? It took me a year and a half to earn the first Meteor and Ouragan. I’m 50/50 on giving up on the tree completely.

Sweden - All of Rank V is researched after a year and a half or so. I recently won a talisman on the A21 RB but it is not very competitive at 6.7. Anything else worth putting a talisman on?

France - It took about a year to get through Rank IV (Thanks Yak-3!). I"m thinking of putting a talisman on the Seafire since its the best plane at that rank. The F8F is a pig to fly based on my experience in the US tree and the AD-4 and bombers are just slow moving targets. The premiums at this rank don’t seem to be worth it.

Italy - I have 20k RP left on the G.56 and everything else in Rank IV is researched. I earned the BF-109-F4 during the battlepass and that shortened the grind to about 7 months or so. Would the BF-109-G2 or G.55S be a better premium to get through Rank V?

Britain - I’m 10K RP away from finishing the Sea Fury and then Rank IV is complete. I have the Wyvern which has helped but is there another Rank IV plane that is worth putting a talisman on? What should the focus be for the first plane in Rank V.

USSR - Rank IV is complete and I have the Yak-15P in Rank V. I also have the Su-11 but I can’t seem to use the guns accurately and at 2 minutes or less per game it isn’t worth the time. Is there a prop in Rank IV that would be a good candidate for a Talisman?

Germany - Rank V is completed and I have the Lim-5p and G-91-R/2 unlocked. What are good talisman candidates?

USA - Rank V is completed and I’m 15k RP away from the A-4B. I got lucky with winning a talisman on the F-84-G-21-RE but I’m pretty much outclassed due to constant uptiers (missiles anyone?). Nor am I skilled enough with the F-89B despite my efforts. This might be a tree to put additional talismans on a couple of aircraft to shorten the grind by a few months/years.

If you’ve made it to this part of the comment thank you. I appreciate the help from those that have degrees in Warthunder University while I’m at more of a community college level.