Looking for help finding information on Canadian Operated Prototype/Production vehicles for suggestions

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Hello, I’ve been looking around for a while and I’ve been slowly collecting data and information on a few prototype/production Canadian ground vehicles I want to make suggestions on or work with somebody on making suggestions on. And I thought it would be cool to work with people on the forums to help collect and organize more information on these vehicles or simply help find more information.

So far the list of vehicles I want to suggest in no particular order are:
(Some of these are easy to find information on I just thought it would be cool to work possibly with more people on it)

Vehicles already suggested have been removed from the list please go here to see the previously suggested list: List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Other Nations Ground Forces

I have additional photos/information on most of these vehicles and if somebody plans to make a suggestion on the vehicle I can share more of my information/photos with them.


  • Ram Badger
  • Staghound (T17E1)
  • Staghound III
  • CMP Ford 3 Ton 40mm Bofors
  • CMP 15 CWT 20mm anti aircraft
  • 95mm Centuar
  • Centuar AA
  • Humbler Mark IV Armoured Car
  • Humbler Mark III Light Reconnaissance Car (Boys Rifle)
  • Universal Carrier 2pdrSuggestion
  • Universal Carrier 3" Mortar
  • 20mm mounted on a Fox I Armoured Car
  • 4 C.A.B.'s half-track with Rockets

  • RAM Mk. I
  • RAM Mk. II
    • RAM Mk. II “A”
    • RAM Mk. II “B”
    • RAM Mk. II “C”
    • RAM Mk. II “D”
    • RAM Mk. II (75mm Mk. V)
    • RAM Mk. II late (late/final configuration)
    • RAM Mk. II 2x AA gun’s ( 2x K" guns in an AA Mount or 2x M1919A4’s) (also I think I read that a Bren gun was trailed
  • Skink (Hispano)
  • Sexton Prototype
  • Quad 20mm on 6x6 Truck (Might already be listed I will need to double-check later)
  • Universal Carrier Flame Thrower
  • 6x6 Mack 10 Ton with 25-punder Portee
  • Lorry 3 ton 4x4 6 Pdr. Anti Tank Portee
  • Lynx 2pdr (with/without shield)
  • Fox 6pdr
  • 4x4 Bofors SP (40mm)
  • Low Silhouette 6x6 Quad Inglis
  • Hamilton Bridge/Ford “Wheeled Tank”
  • Loyd Carrier with 40mm Bofors
  • CMP Truck with Quad Inglis
  • Light Weight Rocket Launcher (Mounted on the back of a truck)
  • Canadian Made Valentine tank
  • Mark 4 Tank (Unknown what this is at the time I will need to look more into it) [I assume it’s just an M4]
  • 17pdr Sexton
  • Ford cwt 60 with 18 PIAT’s on the back [see Universal Carrier PIAT] suggestion for more information
  • 17pdr M10 (Canadian Achilles Prototype)
  • M3 Medium Tank (Ram Prototype)
  • Wolf I
  • GM High Capacity Snowmobile (40 mm Bofors)
  • F60S Quad 20mm AA

If a Canadian vehicle gets added I will need to make suggestions for:

  • Anti Panzerfaust Armour - Sherman/Grizzly

  • 3 inch motor on back of Sherman turrets

I have preliminary information on most of these however if you think or know of any other Canadian WW2 vehicles (that haven’t been already suggested) please let me know.
There are more vehicles like the Valentine, M24, etc. I wanted to make suggestions on more of the unique Canadian vehicles or vehicles that aren’t in game yet.

I’m looking for anybody that would be willing to help collect or share their own information on any of these vehicle and if people are interested I would be happy to work on suggestions with other people.

Post War:

  • Centurions (Multiple versions)
  • Bell CH-136 KiowaSuggestion
  • Bell CH-146 (c/n 46401)
  • BV206 SMP MOSV (TOW Launcher)
  • Leopard C2
  • Leopard 2A4
  • Jeep with 4 ENTAC ATGM’s
  • SS.11’s mounted on the bed of a truck (3/4 Ton SMP Dodge Truck)
  • CV90 (tested but not accepted (I’m having trouble finding enough information on the vehicle that was tested))
  • 106mm Recoilless Rifle mounted on a Jeep
  • M113 TOW
  • M113 TAU
  • M151A2 1/4 (M232 Tow Launcher)
  • MRZR (C16) (Grenade launcher)
  • MRZR (M.2)
  • MRZR (TOW)
  • M109
  • M109A1
  • M109A4+
  • LAV III (LAVUP upgrade)
  • Avro Arrow (each prototype or all prototypes)

Sources I’ve been using but not fully looked through:
Design Record Canadian-Developed Military Vehicles World War II Volume 1-8
Vehicle Data Book Canadian Army Overseas (December 1944)
Specific Threads of the vehicle:



Canadian Library and Archives:

(Normally used to search to find the file and then see if I can find the file on Heritage.canadian.ca)
Submitting inquiries to the Canadian Department of National Defence Directorate of History and Heritage

Canadian Department of Nation Defence Directorate of History and Heritage:
Canadian Arms and Armour

Secret Weapons of the Canadian Army By: Roger V. Lucy
Canada’s Pride: The Ram Tank By: Roger V. Lucy

If anybody is interested in working on any of these suggestion(s) with me or has information about any of the vehicles listed above or any other vehicles that Canada crewed/tested around WW2 please let me know or comment on this post.
If you have any questions about any of these vehicles or want to help out but don’t know where to start please feel free to ask and I will share the information I have found so far or some sources that can be helpful.

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Forgot to add the armed MRZR’s I saw online recently:

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Also forgot to mark that I completed the CH-136 Kiowa suggestion

New additions I forgot to add that I found more information on forgot to include since researching for my Canadian Tech tree suggestion:

Ram Mk. II “A”
Ram Mk. II “B”
Ram Mk. II “C”
Ram Mk. II “D”
RAM Mk. II (75mm Mk. V)
RAM Mk. II Late
Skink (Hispano)

Post War:
LAV III (LAVUP upgrade)

There’s a lot more but I don’t really see a point in listing everything here at the moment. I’ll probably get back into working on suggestions this coming weekend. Again if anybody is interested in wanting to work together on any of these Canadian suggestions please let me know as I’d gladly be happy to work on suggestions with other people.

Modified and added more to the list, mainly things that I forgot to add. In the new year I plan to get to create more suggestions for Canadian vehicles. I will continue to update this list as I find more vehicles.

Again if anybody is working on Canadian vehicle suggestions and either needs more information or would like to work on a suggestion with me. Please feel free to let me know either as a comment or a DM.
I am always glad to help with research and discovering more information about vehicles.