Looking for clan

Mediocre player, looking for a casual and mature clan to hang around. :)

Hey dude, come check us out and see if this the place for you

Hope to see ya!

I sat for 30 minutes in your recruitment channel without anyone ever contacting me, then without any explaination or warning i got banned from your discord. Truly a welcoming community. Would not recommend,

Apply to =UVG= 😁👍 ask for Zap⚡

War Thunder — official forum

USF emblem.svg = UVG = USF emblem.svg

Emblem of the National Guard image.png Emblem of the National Guard


:yes_yes_yes: :good: All are Welcome! ! :blink: :DD

:D :018: :B10: :ready: :facepalm: :good: :blink: :yes_yes_yes: :beee: :017:

What do we expect from our members?

Must be age 16+ Level IV with 1000 games preferred but may be waived based on player

Members must maintain a minimum average of 100 RP per month

All members must be respectful to others, no toxic trash

No politics, religion, drama or baggage please ! Just show up and play 8)

There is no “skill” or “rank” etc. requirements in order to join us.

You should be willing to play together with squadron members whenever you are in game.

Teamwork and supporting Clan members in a match come first

UVG is a group of ethical gamers : No Griefing, Team killing, Hacking or Spawn camping is allowed

What we will offer you?

A relaxing and fun environment to play games in.

Military Veterans and older gamers are welcome

We are multinational and multicultural

Squad Vehicles and +15K RP every 3 days

We are 120+ members strong

Active Discord and Live group text chat

Teamwork in matches, team training, we share information, tips, and tricks on how to improve.

And finally, an opportunity to show your support for the yellow & blue

Enlistment is open and all are welcome so come on over and join us to have fun and make friends

Discord : =UVG=

PC players & Console

Need players for Tanks, Planes, Ships & Boats

We have all interests here So Join Today !

Our Clan Tag is

image.png.df35f66b43d49d3f60cc2427703f03 = UVG =

B17_2.jpg M4A3E2_2.jpg


Ukrainian Volunteer Group


International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine emblem.svg

War Thunder — official forum

Not sure I’d call my clan the most mature bunch as we joke around often, but we tend to know when to stop, and have a channel or three in the server for current events and whatnot. Rogue Squadron Armada

Cyclop Battalion - Recruiting here check it out