Looking for a new tt to grind

I’m enjoying Germany bluewater right now, but I’m wondering which other tree to get into.

Every tt has great lineups and ships and some you might wanna skip entirely. Depends really on a BR area that interests you the most.

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America or Japan.

Japan! I have both, the complete us and japan blue water fleet and personally clearly prefer japan.
Pros: good guns (in part. Ise and mutsu) long lance torpoedos, and fuso/kongo have also decent AA.
Cons: explode easily, no adequate bombers to supplement (B7A something dive bomber at 3.7 still the best).

My line up with ise, mutsu, shimakaze, pg02 and 2 planes rocks!

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Which is great at higher tier, but on the way up you have very little that is any good.

USA is much better balanced for both coastal and blue-water, plus seriously better air support available in the form of fighter-bombers that can carry ship killing loads, and a wide range of attackers and medium bombers.

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and American top tier Battleships have some of the heaviest armor in game

I got Germany, US (up to cruisers) and Jap (up to cruisers).

Jap feels pretty underwhelming. Their ships all die very easily. The cruisers I unlocked so far are barely stronger than the advanced US DDs. I just recomend Japan for the long lance capable destroyers. There are frequently events / tasks which require torpedo kills. Thats where you play Japan. Japan currently has the hardest hitting BBs, but it wont stay like this and by the time your grinded you way up…who knows.

So do US I suggest. Currently the best nation for the whole mid section of the BR span. Currently BBs are not special. But this will change for sure.

Depends what experience you want…

Easy life - USA, Russia

Ups and downs - Japan, Britain

Punishing, but so good when it works - France, Italy

Leon where is germany in that?

Germany is a solid top 3 pick with the only disappointment for me being 4.7, but that’s more due to the limitations of the Z46/47 with its HE only shells and limited ammo, but even these can smack the opponents if you have a little luck.

If you can master the original Italian and French ships (ie not the ones with US/British/German armament) you’ll find everyone else a walk in the park.


Good prank lol

Usa has some of the worst cruisers and worst battleships.

Russia has very bad early destroyers

France has amazing destroyers

Italy has amazing cruisers

You trying to paint here a black a white picture which is not correct. Every country has amazing, good, ok and bad lineups.

US has a better all round fleet from reserve to BBs, even with weak areas such as the lack of low BR options. 4.7 is the best around. 5.x Cruisers are boring but work better for players who don’t rush in. They have the most potential for growth above what’s already available of the devs allow. It

For Russia, once past the reserve Frunze the early DDs are more than adequate, and far better than some others counties efforts. They can dominate 4.3 even without SKRs. Good in higher tiers too but less frequently encountered (besides the Kronshtadt).

Early France is not the worst but I’d still say it’s poor and many are badly hindered by slow firing guns. La Combattante and Kleber are the pick of the bunch but the rest are average at best. I certainly wouldn’t call their Cruisers amazing. The tree is also very thin and until coastal options arrive it’s also lacking variety.

Italy may have decent Cruisers but the Destroyers are very poor, with possibly the worst entry lineup. With the Fragmentation buff the heavy hitting shells no longer make up for the slow fire rates. I never recommend these (or FR) to anyone not willing to put in real time and effort as they aren’t much fun.

Britain wasn’t mentioned - great start, especially Vega, but a lot of average on the way up. Not bad compared ro alternative lineups, but often not very exciting either. There’s a reason no one talks about them.

Every country does have highs and low, but some are very much tilted one way more often than the other. A few good ships does not make a great tech tree.

Poor logic and doesnt counter any of my points. Never claimed any tree is good - they are impossible to compare since they excel at different BRs. By this logic US tree is nowhere near good since only 4.7 lineup and 5.3 atlanta can be considered top dogs at their BRs.

Bezuprechny and tashkent are good, rest is average or below average. The 4.3 lineup is nice but not op and other countries have similarly nice 4.3 lineups.

Not really, it is pretty average and much better than american.

They actually deal way more damage since the update

Their cruisers are amazing with bolzano being straight up op. Fun is subjective, not every player likes firerate over salvo damage, but it is your opinion.

It is not hindered at all since they do a lot of damage. 4.0, 4.3 are great lineups overall.

Neither do I nor do I claimed that so again dont know who are you debating. I also didnt take into account quantity of vehicles since that doesnt change the fact how lineups are good or bad.

Wasnt since you didnt label it as good or bad. Same as japan.