Looking for a new player friendly UK squad to join

I am only just starting out but have played on and off over the years, I have started a fresh account.
I’m not very good at the moment but willing to put the effort in to become better.
As stated I’m just starting out but I do enjoy Air and Ground RB. Not a big fan of arcade but I’ll play it if needs must.
I have a mic and I use discord.

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Hey idobarbie!

While we’re not a UK-exclusive squadron, feel free to look at our recruitment post for further information:

Hope to see you on the battlefield!

How active are your members only asking as you dont have many members

I’d say pretty active. The 151 and 178 ones only joined a couple of days ago.

The main thing is that we’re an international squadron, so we have people all the way from US to Eastern Europe.

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ok ill join i’m about to go to work so ill jump on your discord tomorrow if i have time or in a few days I work 4 on 4 off and its my first one on tonight