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My computer recently crashed and so I had to reinstall the game. It’s been a long while since I had to type my password in and I couldnt remember it.

I tried resetting my password and it asks for email and phone number to reset
When i supply my phone number for an sms text code, it never comes.

I’ve tried a few times, not sure what to do at this point, any help is greatly appreciated.

Very dumb suggestion…but in my case, the password is actually the same i use in forum…can it be your case also?

Other than that…are you putting your NATIONAL code on the phone number, before your usual number?
Can you have some number filter on the phone?

Well, to dig a bit in the weeds. I had a backup on my computer when it crashed. It restored everything except my games. So my forum password, which I do not know, is auto populated because of the backup whereas the game required a clean install. It is likely that they were the same, but either way I dont know

And thanks on the country code, it tripped me up at first showing the wrong flag. but it still never texts the number i give so that I can prceed

Ok…if the password you used to enter THIS forum is still the old one, than chances are you can find it.

Browsers usually keep the passwords and can show them to you…
For edge:How to Find Saved Passwords on Microsoft Edge
On Chrome:https://passwords.google.com/ (direct link)
You can find them on other browsers also

Thanks, does Gaijin have support for this kind of issue?

Once I’ve initiaedhe reset password process im uncertain if the old one would still work?

There is support…BUT to submit a ticket “normally” you need to login :)
AGAIN…account is the same as here in forum…

They assume the account recovery system should work…as it sends a new password to your email…
Most password recovery systems will NOT change the password unless you COMPLETE the request…
I would also make sure the number you are using to request the SMS is being introduced correctly. In my case, if my local number would be 111222333 then i would have to use +351111222333 (+351 being the national code…also possible to use 00351111222333)
Not sure if you can do this by email only…if you get an option to say “i dont have a phone”…

The account recovery here is NOT asking for my phone:

You have the “special form” that is asking for email only
And the “submit a request” that allows you to ask for the account info without login