Locking without using cursor?

I swear in videos I have seen SPAA do this, I think it was the pantsir each time. Never thought to ask until now I’ve seen a heli do it. Now that Ive seen a heli do this I’m lost how people do this.

How are they able to lock with a heli or pantsir without even looking at target but instead using what I assume is radar to look flying objects? My radar in any heli does not do this, or with my SPAA.

It happens at 8:24 in this video for a quick reference. His gunner view is locked high in the air, his cursor is pointed somewhere else then he just locks it onto a moving jet hundreds of meters below his previous gunner lock seemingly out of nowhere.

Probably just selecting radar target to lock → Lock target keybind. Then the camera locks onto the selected target. If it is an SPAA with tracking radar, you radar lock the target. Selected target which is locked on is the target highlighted by brackets in the search radar screen.

You can do this with a lot of SPAA, in the green zone of the radar.

I’ll have to check this out, I feel like an idiot. Everytime I think I’ve got this game figured out I find out there’s new shit idk 🤦