Lockheed Martin SR-72 Darkstar

This if for the future of War Thunder but i thought it would be cool if they added the SR-72 Darkstar once they add 5th Gen fighters Note: This is not a suggestion vehicle just a cool thought
Top Gun: Maverick Lockheed Martin Darkstar is on display at Edwards AFB ...
Max Speed: 4,000 mph
At Height: 78,740 ft
Max Aptitude: 85,000 ft
Turn Time: 240 s
Rate of Climb: 78,180 ft/min
Takeoff Run: 4,000 ft

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Here we go

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1,200,000 (RP) would you say if it was a real vehicle?

And a kidney…


YF-12 is basically darkstar but actually possible to add to the game

Its an SR-71 with 3 AIM-47 Falcons, an absolutely MASSIVE PD radar, and possibly shared the A-12’s “Plasma stealth” by using a Cesium-based fuel additive to make it challenging to lock in rear-aspect



Actually SR-71 was a YF-12 without weapons, since it came first and was built along with the A-12 prototypes! :)


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They need to start letting the Coast Guard transfer their confiscated crack to the USAF and USN RnD divisions again


To be fair SR-72 Darkstar does seem to be a real thing - or at least a real proposal…and even possibly going to be armed… but the earliest mention of any test flying is for 2025…

The SR-72 ‘Darkstar’ was only made as a mockup with added CGI to be your stereotypical futuristic-looking hypersonic plane for little kiddies and aviation casuals to gawk at, just for the purposes of an action Hollywood blockbuster movie…

What next post are you going to make cause you think it’s ‘cool’?

The Valkyrie by Hydra?

The Helicarrier from Marvel’s Avengers?

Come on dude.


Is absolutely dope, cant forget the actual Treibelfüge in the movie.

Can’t forget about the FireFox



I’m posting ideas bud.

Do you have proof it exists?

Yeah, ever seen top gun 2 😉

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And here are my thoughts…

Sorry @war_Tinder stole your thing…Again…

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You’re not stealing my thing. It’s already a gif from a movie.

But that’s what you do. It’s like your trademark


I like to post fictional US fighter jets that could possibly come in 2030

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you think the dark star will actually be made?

I’m sorry, this has to be trolling, you know the Top speed of the SR-71 was lied about too, right? Its top speed is WAY faster than Mach 3(.4). I have a first hand encounter, from an ATC-er when the Cuban missile crisis arose, they scrambled Three SR-71’s from Cali to Atlanta, no stop, in 30 minutes.

Keep in mind the SR-71’s reported top speed is only 2197 MPH, From the rough area of Sacremento California to Atlanta Georgia is 2460 miles. That means it would have to go ≈4900 MPH to make it there. So that’s roughly 6.3-7 Mach, not including climb to altitude, or descent and landing speeds. 👀

Oh, and look at this, another guy who has first hand accounts, from pilots, not an Air Traffic Controller, that the SR-71 is much, much faster.

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