Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning

+1 when we will have 5gen air its gonna be a must !

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brother the f15 is NOT controversial it is coming to war thunder and im sure the f35 will too… obviously not right now against f16s and mig29s… give it time

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And F 35 B

Well well well

We’re talking about the same company that said Supersonic was impossible… yet powered through.

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I think we are a full year out from 5th gen, at least a year

Hopefully once 4++ gen is done, gaijin will return to WW for a bit to give us a break for a couple of years, and maybe a re-release of the game under a new engine, and then a 5th gen update

Too many things will be broken with stealth jets

Either they won’t work, or they will be overpowered as heck, and won’t be realistic to their capabilities
(The SU-57 having F-22 like stealth, and the F-22 not being able to be shot with missiles whatsoever type issues)

That’s what I foresee anyways

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Aim-9X block 3 was never procured and produced outside of testing.

Yeah You are right, I removed it

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