Lockheed F-104G - The Unofficial Starfighter

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F-104G Starfighter

The F-104G was the pinnacle of Starfighters until the F-104S, and was the most widely exported, and used, variant. It was operated by 11 countries, and variants of it were operated by another 2 countries.

The F-104G was the most produced version of the Starfighter family, accounting for almost 45% of all Starfighters built by the time production ended. It was based on the F-104C but with improvements to the engines, avionics, and general operation. The weapons sight incorporated a basic infrared sight, allowing the aircraft night capability. Much of the aircraft was strengthened to better allow more payloads and resistance to airframe stress from flying low at high speeds during strike missions. It had a slightly enlarged tail, similar to the F-104B/D models, which allowed easier control at high mach speeds. This large tail, indicated by distinctive overhang, can be used to identify F-104Gs from other models.

The F-104G was never officially in service with the USAF. However, many were purchased by and operated by the USAF, both for the MAP (Mutual Assistance Program) and in training roles. The aircraft were operated by the 69th and 418th Tactical Fighting Training Squadrons, used to train pilots of other nations in the operation of the F-104. Uniquely, some aircraft owned by the German Luftwaffe were “loaned” to the USAF, and painted in USAF markings and camos, even using USAF serials.

Tail of F-104G 63-13269


  • Length: 16.66m (54ft 8in)

  • Wingspan: 6.63m (21ft 9in)

  • Height: 4.11m (13ft 6in)

  • Wing Area: 18.22 square meters (196.1 square feet)

  • Empty Weight: 6,350kg (14,000lb)

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 13,166kg (29,027lb)

  • Max Speed: 2,459kph (Mach 2, 1,328kn)

  • Service Ceiling: 15km (50,000ft)

  • TWR: 0.54 at max takeoff weight, 0.74 “clean”

  • Powerplant: J79-GE-11A (44.5kN, 69.42kN afterburning)

  • Radar: NASARR radar


  • 1x 20mm M61A1 Rotary Cannon

  • 7x Hardpoints, capacity of 1,800kg (4,000lb), for combinations of:
    4x AIM-9 (B/E/J/N/P)
    Various bombs, rockets, and other stores


  • 2x AN/ALE-40 flare/chaff dispensers

In Game

In game it should perform similarly to the other F-104Gs. It could start with stock AIM-9Bs, before eventually upgrading to the AIM-9J. I think if the F-104A and F-104C are foldered, the F-104G should be added to those two to create a 3-deep folder. I personally would really like to see it as a tech tree vehicle, as the F-104 is one of my favorite aircraft.



F-104G armed with AIM-9E/J/N.

Flight ramp, Luke AFB, 1977.

F-104G in formation with an F-5E, F-4C and F-15A, 1979.

Three-ship formation of F-104Gs.

Closeup of F-104G s/n 63-13243. One of the German-owned USAF-operated F-104Gs.

A crew chief assists a German pilot during pre-flight of an F-104G, prior to a training flight conducted by the 69th TFTS, 1982.

Right-side view of the flight line, at sunset, 1982.



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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter
http://www.916-starfighter.de/F104_Chaff Flare 2011.htm

Aviation Archives: Lockheed F-104G Flight Manual
1-14404-1 F-104G Flight Manual

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These were German F-104Gs, not American. They were stationed in the US for training and were required to use US markings.

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+1, if literally every other country get fantasy equipment they didn’t use, so should the US get a vehicle they did actually operate even if it was never officially theirs



i would love to see this plane

i believe it should be an event vehicle, the F104 in general is not an easy plane, and gaijin loves giving away planes that are either not easy to play or trash