Locked/Banned For No Reason

Uhhh i logged into warthunder during a school studyhall and my account is now locked i want to know why. i play a good few days every week and dont use hacks or bots might it be because i use a vpn to skip around the school fire wall everyday?
below is the picture of the ban notice and my vpn


Check your account login history. Do you have 2FA enabled?

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Hello, its nice to have someone reply, what is f2a i dont have a clue what that is, is it gaijin pass. because my school have a fire wall i need to use a vpn to play warthunder during study hall, i currently have two pc that i play on one is at home one is at school.

Btw, you should remove/blur your Email in the picture

thanks for the help, i have absolutely nothing for the email so it doesn’t matter

There was a reason as noted in your screen shot.

Stay in school, study hard and don’t do drugs.

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Is the PC at school a shared resource? What I mean are there others that have access to it, other than you? Can others download any program to it? That might be the problem if someone else has installed something on it.

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you’re on the ban list of today, lne
seemingly because of this
Specifically 3.2.3 of the EULA namely in the automation of gameplay (using bots) and cheat software.

RIP Account !

For some reason a lot of vpns will trigger the anticheat

…is imho outdated these days.

Way easier alternatives:

  • Marry rich, buy a large piece of land & a shovel
  • Go into politics - no entry barriers, no need for complicated studies
  • Focus on stuff like gender studies and climate change, try to combine both
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imma stick with my ib bio essays for now, probably time to drop this game.

Perhaps, but a sound and guilt free sleep does have it’s place in the big scheme of things :-)

to be somewhat helpful:
Make a support ticket HERE .
but i would not get my hopes up.
It can take months for them to look at it and then they manually check, so if you have in fact cheated there is no use in trying to appeal, they will see it.
But if you are clean as you say then submit a support ticket.

You are not banned because of using a VPN, you are banned for cheating. Learn from this and move on.

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