Loading into battle times is an issue

There is, and has been in my experience but worse recently, a terrible issue with trying to load into battle. Not from the hangar screen but particularly from the vehicle selection / pre-battle screen. I select my vehicle, press battle and just sit there, waiting, sometimes almost a minute. Just last battle was enough to make me type this post.

I need to note that I have it toggled so I can enter already ongoing battles. But this is different.

Last battle I was already behind in joining the battle, and then I had to sit there waiting to enter, and when I finally entered the timer showed over 3 minutes had already gone by and as soon as I saw my tank I started getting shot and blown up by a helicopter, at our spawn. I looked around and there was about 4 other tanks destroyed in our spawn.

I’ve mentioned in other posts I’ve had other issues, such as stuttering and lagging, and it’s not because of my internet for sure, and it possibly might be due to me using a PS4 for War Thunder, but not sure. Others have had the same issues.

But with this loading in issue, I’ve noticed something that I don’t understand as well. Kind of like the old theory where people have an old TV or something and they have issues but they hit it or knock it around some and it starts to work better. Well I’ll sit there waiting to load into battle and get frustrated just waiting and I’ll start pressing X really fast and it seems like it kicks it into working and I’ll suddenly load in. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or not I don’t know. But it happens.

Gaijin please address this issue that I’m now seeing many others complain about it as well. It’s not the queue time, it’s the loading into battle time once vehicle is ready. I’m hearing some people having server issues and same issues as mine so it must be game issue as some of the people are on pc not console. Someone also watched one of my replays, trying to critique me on here, and noticed how I load in after many others are already into battle and also noticed the lagging and stuttering I deal with while playing. Evidently this shows up on the replays too. Often I’ll be facing an enemy and they’ll be aiming at me too and at times I know I’m seeing him first and a step ahead of him, I’ll pull the fire trigger but he shoots me first without my gun ever firing. I know on console we pull the trigger to fire and people on pc just click the mouse which might be faster, but these are times when I know I’m ready before the enemy is and I should be firing before them but it doesn’t fire.

Is the loading in time issue a well known issue now or does it need to be a bug report? Is there a known server issue? Could it be a console issue overall , even though some pc users are complaining too?


What region are you in? As in where in the world are you? What is your usual test ping to someplace? What latency are you seeing in the game?
Bad internet connection can have the effects you are seeing.
Selecting “join in progress” will get you “faster” games, but yeah, you will jump into games that seem half over.
Trying to play a BR and/or game mode that doesn’t have a lot of players will increase your wait times.
I have found the best way to get a game to start is to try to do something else, like check your booster, spend crew points, check your email, take a phone call, etc.

I play top tier, Ground RB, and there’s always plenty of players waiting and ready to play, plenty of battles ready. Again my queue times aren’t usually long, it’s once I’m on the pre battle screen showing the map and vehicles to select from is where my delay is.

I’m located in the USA. I believe I have the server set on automatic, or NA/EU.

My Ps4 is wire connected with the LAN line directly to the router and I have great internet normally, plus I have wifi which is all fast.

I just performed the internet test on the Ps4, and it’s showing :

Download - 216.4 Mbps

Upload - 1.9 Mbps

I don’t have any issues in my home with internet nor any issues with any other devices, or programs etc. Only War Thunder. I’ve heard other players say the same thing. And it seems like this pre battle loading in is getting worse recently.

That’s not exactly blazing fast speed, but it should certainly be enough. What sort of latency are you seeing, either when doing these speed tests or when in game? I just ran a speed test on my wired PC and I’m getting 933Mbps down, 52Mbps up, with 6ms ping. In game I may see closer to 100ms pings, just depends on the server.

I’ve seen some delays in getting into the battle, or even when respawning, but I wouldn’t say it’s very consistent or often encountered.

Yes, and high latency can cause that because if you are showing high ping to the game server, it can take a long time to send you all the data needed for the client to create the initial state for you to join the game (that is what the prebattle screen is for), esp. if you are joining in progress and are trying to “catch up”.
I would turn join in progress off and NA only and see if that helps. You may be catching a lot of EU games which creates high lag.

Well it being a Ps4 I don’t know how else I could check the data when “in game”, because we have to go to the Ps4 settings to do the internet test. I was logged into WT when I checked the numbers my last reply, but that’s the only way I know to check it.

But I just checked my laptop on the wifi, not wired, and it’s showing :

440 download
19 upload
Latency - 25ms

I know that’s wifi but it gives a general idea.

Maybe it is the internet or the Ps4. I’ve heard the Ps4 storage might be an issue.

Ok thanks. I’m not sure how to check latency on the Ps4 as it only gives up and down data on tests. But I checked my laptop on wifi and it’s showing 440 down, 19 up and Latency is 25 ms.

Being the Ps4 is wired but is worse with the storage and older, I’m not if it’s a comparison.

Ok I’ll try the different setting regarding “joining battle” and the NA server only. I’ve never tried NA only and not sure how the player numbers are, was thinking would be plenty of players from NA and EU. I’ll check it out. 07

Console may be different than PC, but in the PC version you can see this info in-game at the very bottom left corner of your screen while playing:


Does the console version not include this info?

Ah ok. I’ll have to get back with you on this, but I don’t remember ever seeing this on console.

As soon as I play the next game I’ll look for it and let you know.

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As an xbox user, we dont spawn as fast as pc, i could be in a squad with a pc player and he wiĺl in every match spawn before me and he will be moving down the runway as i spawn.
This makes me wonder if there is latency in the server feeding consoles. Makes me wonder why every time i pop round a corner in my tank and i know they are there. The enemy always get the first shot in, or if me and an enemy are trying to shot each other over a ridge and i can only see the top of there turret, they allways get me first even if i do binocular shot.

And my ping is like 23ms with zero packet loss. There is so nany things going against console in this game, it feels like gaijin dont care, dont even read xbox bug reports

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Yes I was saying the same thing, I’m glad you pointed this out.

Many times I’ll have the edge on an enemy see them and aim right at them ready to shoot, and all this happens in a split second, as I’m pulling the ps4 trigger (which probably takes longer to pull than to click the mouse) they’ll be just turning their gun at me or just notice me and there’s no way they could beat me to firing first - but yet it happens. I’ll pull the trigger but by the time my finger goes through the whole process of the trigger going all the way down, he’s shot me and my gun never fires. No way this should happen as much as it does. I think something is up to. It may be a difference between the servers with pc and console communicating.

If you know any other console players with the same issue please have them comment here if they’d like, so we can get an idea if it’s an issue for many people like us. I was just starting to assume it might be because my ps4 is a little old and the storage might not be enough for WT.

I’ve noticed the game also lags a lot when I’m in sniper view (main gun optic) and just say I’m following a moving tank and about to fire - it’ll freaking freeze right when I start to pull the fire trigger, like it’s too much action to be handled by the console. This happened yesterday - I was following a moving tank probably 50 yards in front of me, I started to fire, the game froze for a second, the tank already moved behind a building, I missed the shot, and immediately his teammate popped up over the hill right in front of me and killed me. Unreal.

There’s so much detail in the environment with the trees and weather and movement of vehicles, I wonder if it’s just too much going on for the consoles to handle it sometimes? I notice a lot that if I’m driving around in sniper view looking around at the same time I’m driving, often it’ll lag and freeze when passing by trees etc or at high speeds. Maybe it’s too much to process at once for console, whether it’s a server or storage issue?

Just a lot of stuff to deal with to even play the game. And some pricks on here want to criticize and put people down and go check our profile numbers and compare themselves. Like I’m sure if I was on pc and everything ran smoothly most of the time I’d do much better too. It’s really frustrating a lot of games just trying to fight the lagging and seemingly server issues.

@Stona_WT do you have any answers for this, or are you familiar with this happening?

Every consolehas plzyer has this lag issue, it well known, its even mentioned in xbox store in WT reviews.
You might be able to edit the dead zone on your triggers and there is a option to not use recommend dead zone in options. I dont know about PlayStation but on xbox we have 2 stage triggers and you can adjust each stage when it bits etc in WT settings.

Graphics, your PlayStation maybe a bit underpowerd, now that PlayStation 5 is out there. But saying that I have xbox series X and when looking at trees in binocular view my frames drop it stutters when looking around and it hurts my eyes, why they dont give us pc settings like ulq to high i dont know. Funny when im in a match on field’s of Poland and a pc player says “would it be nice to have a ulq toggle”. I think you should do a bug report about your fps.

And the attitude of some pc players stinks

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Ok gotcha. Yes it is very frustrating indeed. But it’s a little good to hear that it’s possibly a console issue and mainly with WT, so that might mean it’s something game related. If so hopefully it could be addressed and fixed at some point. I preferably would like to use a Ps5 and would hope it would work better but I just don’t game enough besides WT for me to justify buying something new like that right now.

Especially if it still may be a console issue and most everyone experiences some of these issues.

Yes I think I’ll do a bug report and see what it is said about it or if it gets pushed through or not.

I’ll also check out my trigger settings just incase. Appreciate that 07

Ok I checked and this info is not available on the Ps4. The only info I have on my screen is the long number you show on the bottom right, beginning with 27…mine is a different number but begins with 27 as well. But no fps or ping etc.

I assume this is a pc available thing only.

Oh and of course, just now my first time playing today, more lagging issues screwing me over. I loaded into battle just fine, but the very first time I see a fighting situation, I see an enemy engaging a teammate, I turn around the corner looking at him over the broken wall so I see him just fine - I pull the trigger as I’m still driving, the game freezes and guess what - he shoots me first point blank and destroys me. Absolutely ridiculous.

I have ping on xbox, its to the bottom left corner very small, when in a match

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I just played probably 10 battles and I had I think 4 times where the lagging screwed me, I would be trying to fire but it let the enemy fire first and destroy me. It freezes at the most inopportune times, I don’t get it. This is happening a lot, allowing the enemy to fire before me right as the game freezes for a split second.

All i can suggest is that you put a bug report in. I would imagine you PlayStation is better than minimum dystem requirements

Yes I will this seems to be getting worse.