Loading in as tank/plane

Hi All,

Upon starting my game and loading in as a tank it displays a top down view so that i can only see my vehicle and I cannot move my view.
Can anyone help me out?

Much appreciated,


Can you make a video to show what happens?

This is what loads as soon as I enter a game/test drive

Do you play on PC or PS?
If you play on PC, do you use a trackir?

Try the check files option in the gaijin smart launcher menu. I had a similar problem of tank camera stuck in one place and it fixed it for me.

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yeah i play PC but dont use trackir

is that the check files option as if so i have already tried that and it didnt work for me


Before sending you off to do a bug report.
Go to your files at the root of your game and delete the cache folder and the config.blk text file.
C:\Program Files (x86)\WarThunder\

And if you are on Steam

C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\WarThunder\


ive just done this with the game closed and i have the same problem when i opened it and do a test drive.
could you herlp me to fill out a bug report?

many thanks for your help