Loader fatigue when?

now that we have realistic autoloaders like everyone asked

where buff for autoloading tanks, or where nerd to loaders?


When the loader is killed the reload is nerfed.

When the loader is damaged the reload is nerfed, the healing mechanic recently added needs to be tied to capture points rather than COD arcade regen.


Whenever Gaijin opens the balancing can of worms that is the intricacies of manual loading.

Manual reloading speed is a balancing factor they play with to some extent. Idk how manu bug reports would open with loader fatigue.

Reload penalty is already bad as it is.


Only if base reload speeds are buffed to what they should be; even maxed skills, Ace reloads are still all notably slower than ideal.

maybe dotn play tanks with loaders if you know they can be killed

This was asked for because loaders could be killed on manually-loaded tanks, but not on autoloading tanks.


So we should avoid tanks with loaders because they can be killed?
I guess it makes sense to not play tanks with autoloaders since it can be destroyed


And in return autoloader tanks would die if you killed 2 crew members because they only had 3, which is how it was balanced.
Having your autoloader damage is infinitely worse than losing a gunner.


If Gaijin adds loader fatigue, Then it also means autoloaders must have the nerf that more increased reloading time when the autoloader is reloading ammo that isn’t in closest place from main gun breech’s gate.
(In reality, If the modern soviet MBT with autoloader reloads the farthest ammo from the breech’s gate, it needs time roughly 9 seconds.)
You’d better ask that tanks with autoloaders also can do manual reload when autoloader is broken& if the tanks have reserve ammo in other place exclude the ammo ready rack.
And manual loaders can’t reload the main gun if the tank is in too sloped place.


If you have played GPHC and took a ride T-64/T-72/T-80, then you will understand easy what I said.

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It will be too big nerf for manual reloading tanks, So it doesn’t need.

This game is not realistic at all, for example many AAs like zsu or the ghepard irl if they shoot nonstop until no amo left they would burn the barels and would need a replacement, or CAS planes like the a10 or su25 the old versions can spot whidout termals vehicles at +3000alt, and in this game they are not rendered unless u are less than 1k alt. Take it as a fantasy wot 2.0 game, the “simulator” mode is a real joke also.

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which is how it was balanced.

Autoloader is not “balanced” prior to the nerf. Autoloader is able to reload at constant speed with 0 interuption whatsoever and its much better than having a loader who can get injured/die and delay reloading for considerable time, putting out fire also stop reloading.

Never, my loader lives purely on eggs and basically lives in gym.

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Having a crew member less makes them a lot more vulnerable and getting one shot, having an autoloader damaged and forced into a 20 second repair is way worse of a penalty than replacing a crew.

True but having the loader healed/replaced would require going to a cap point which isnt always an option
Meanwhile people with autoloaders might be able to reverse for 2 seconds and be in the clear

Its situational but both have their own pros and cons

I think missing a crew member was already the con, plus it’s not like autoloaders were a flat boon like .50s are, the Type 90 and Type 10 solely rely on autoloaders to justify their BR.

The buff to autoloading tanks is that they barely had any downsides when the tank is hit compared to manual loading tanks for years.


You can only replace a crew member once, so good chance a tank with a manual loader will have the reduced reload for the remainder of the match.