LMUR Missile

Just want some opinions. Maybe an addition to stop Vikhr spam.


The LMUR missile is a state-of-the-art weapon system designed for precise, long-range strikes. Its inclusion in War Thunder would align with the game’s commitment to historical and technical accuracy, reflecting modern advancements in military technology. The LMUR could be added to specific high-tier helicopters such as a Ka-52M or the Mi-28NM or even the Mi-8NMP-2.

Reflecting the real-world technology, the LMUR missile in War Thunder could feature a combination of inertial navigation, GPS, and terminal guidance. This would allow players to engage targets at long ranges with high precision. The terminal guidance phase, using EO/IR sensors, could be simulated by allowing players to manually guide the missile during its final approach. Being IR guided it could be disturbed by smoke grenades or if the target goes behind cover. This would be the USSR heli trees first fire and forget ATGM.

Involving the community in the development and testing of the LMUR missile could provide valuable feedback. Hosting a special event or a dev server trial period where players can test and provide input on the LMUR’s performance would ensure its successful and fair integration into the game.


To provide a realistic and balanced representation, the following statistics for the LMUR missile could be considered:

*** Range: 14.5 kilometers **

*** Speed: 230 mps

*** Warhead: High-explosive, 25 kilograms **

*** Guidance: Inertial navigation, GPS, EO/IR terminal guidance**

*** Length: 3.5 meters (11.5 feet)**

*** Diameter: 0.3 meters (1 foot)**

*** Weight: 105 kilograms**


1. Deagel.com - Detailed specifications and performance metrics of the LMUR missile​ (Guide4Aviation)​.

2. Oryx Blog - Overview of the LMUR’s deployment and capabilities​ (Oryx)​.

3. The War Zone - Description of the missile’s guidance systems and operational use​ (The War Zone)​.

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I think this is a LONG way off from being added to the game

We have Spikes and the PARs 3

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Those do not have the range of the LMUR missile we would require something like the Spike NLOS on the Apaches to even think of adding the LMUR

Well for one, the range is nearly double any other nation’s ATGMs, with the best FNF muntions being like, 8km.

Additionally, Gaijin has already denied missiles like the AGM-114L hellfire which would be dramatically inferior in range, and any Man-in-the-middle systems have not been modeled.

Finally, it simply wouldn’t be balanced. The absolute best non-russian SPAA is the TOR, which has a maximum range of 12km. The only SPAA which would be able to defeat it would be the Pantsir.

Where did you find the information for the range? Your first source says that the maximum range is 14500 meters while the source below that says in excess of 15km but this sourced from a random place on twitter without any backing

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According to your first source the length of the missile is 1945mm, diameter is 200mm, the weight is 105kg, and the warhead weighs 25kg

Its hard to find concise and accurate information on something so new.

That’s why you should base it off the most concrete evidence which I would say the best source you have currently is the first one.

Will note your comment

How would GLONASS guidance be implemented? Is there anything in the game like this already?

As someone above said, if the documentation of how it works is too rare, maybe we should stick with adding more “conventional” stuff.

GLONASS/GPS would most likely be treated like IOG for a missile with a TV seeker

Yeah fair point but its hard to go from something like the Vikhrs to something crazy like the Hermes-A. The jump would be too large. Plus helis are not even meta right now and Germany, France, Italy and Israel all have FnF ATGMs.

Incorrect, LMUR can be used in a fire and forget mode as well.

I don’t know what I’m incorrect about? Please tell me

The missile doesn’t need to have NLOS capabilities, it can be implemented like current fire and forget missiles.

The Spike NLOS is a type of spike missile which is what I was referring to