List of Suggested Squadron Ship for All Navy

I would like to put up a list of possible candidate for upcoming Squadron Ship from all nation that represent all type of ship type on BOTH Coastal & Bluewater Fleet
(Torpedo Boat, Torpedo Gunboat, Gunboat, Frigate, Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Dreadnought, Battleship ((Super Dreadnought))

So far, there are only SKR-7 Frigate from USSR, IJN Shimakaze Destroyer from IJN, Karl Marx Frigate from Germany & HMS Liverpool Light Cruiser from Britain

1st of all, what i wrote is just my thought and i’ve never played Dreadnought SO i’ll leave it for now PLUS i don’t have much idea for coastal ships so far

USS Hull 1975 refit or USS Norfolk (Destroyer), USS Northampton (CLC-1) or USS Juneau (CL-119) (Light Cruiser), USS Wichita (CA-45) or USS St Paul (CA-73) 1970 with LRBA shell representing heavy cruiser

Z51 or Z29 with its experimental 5.5cm GERAT 58 or Z34 with 3 single 40mm BoFors refit (Destroyer), SP-1 1940 Scout Cruiser or A59 Training Cruiser (Light Cruiser), Admiral Sheer 1945 refit Heavy Cruiser

Britain, Japanese, Italian, USSR will have to wait another time WHILE French Navy barely started

Feel Free to post some here and point out your reasons… I’ll point out mine after i wrote all that i know eventually

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Second is Britain’s Squadron Ship candidate starting with

HMS Battleaxe 1952 refit as Coastal Frigate, HMS Savage (G20) or HMS Legion (G74) as Destroyer, Light Cruiser already added and now only heavy cruiser choice is either HMS Sussex (96) 1945 refit or HMS Suffolk (55) 1943 refit

Then, Japan squadron ship candidate starts with IJN Otori 1944 refit OR IJN Etorofu 1945 refit OR JMSDF Yubari as Frigate, Destroyer already existed, IJN Oyodo 1944 refit OR IJN Kashii 1944 refit & IJN Maya 1944 refit OR IJN Mogami 1944 refit as Heavy Cruiser

There’s only Italian & USSR squadron candidate ship left to fill… To the next day


I play naval almost exclusively. What is the best way to get into a squadron that plays naval, and can I earn points for ships just playing in normal matches? I would love to see the HMS Battleaxe in the game.

1st of all, HMS Battleaxe hasn’t been added YET BUT i can answer 1 thing, play the matches like normal and try to gain lots of RP in battle while using ships, there are squadron research point that derived from normal research point by getting 200 RP for 1 SRP.
1st of all, enter a squadron/clan 1st by making an application to existing squadron/clan that interest you OR if you prefer to make your own squadron and have some members to be a part of it, then make one and play together…

They say if you play together with teammates a lot & work together with other allies, you have higher chance to gain more RP than going solo most of the time.
More on that, please ask those who are more knowledgeable than me.

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I can also say 1 more thing here, i also play naval almost exclusively, like basically 95% of the time… I’m on the UFNF squadron which is basically hated by many other clan due to being pretty good naval members fighting in the sea… UFNF is basically a specialized naval squadron that aimed to fight as a team and support the allies while trying to have some fun and do your best in battle…

Any further than that, gotta ask the other UFNF members for more details as I currently unable to play WT for a while coz my PC is broken and this laptop are very old, it can’t even play 15 years old game in it…

I’m gonna go to details on Naval Squadron Ship List later on… Still… thanks for asking

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Thank you for all of the information. I will definitely check with your squadron to see what the requirements are.

There is also iNAVY, NACAD, and R1P, being the squadrons of naval-focused CCs Gunship, Rowan, and Tyrael respectively.

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Hello guys… can you please elaborate a bit about those you mentioned… Because based on what i wrote so far refers to WW2 upto early cold war standard one which USS Hull 1975 experimental era is farthest so far…

It could be extend further by referring to S56 Dommel with experimental quad 27mm gun days IF i know MUCH MORE BUT until then…

Invite others who can share their opinion and a little elaboration… I’ll make mine after i successfully become French Beta Tester and test play it for 2 months to give others with certain details on why i chose such mentioned ships

Wait… Are you ZackZooter?

Wait… Are you ZackZooter?
No… i’m not him… sorry… zackzooter basically sit out of this game for time being

Back to the main topic about suggested squadron vehicle on navy PLEASE

Forgot to mention… Gaijin added Karl Marx on the last year’s March update which happens to be last naval squadron addition so far… Also… It would be better to expand the rank benefit instead of usual 1-2 range. Example:
Karl Mark sits at rank 4 which its RP gain only benefit rank 3-5… Here’s the thing, it would be MUCH better IF Gaijin expand it to rank 1 downward upto its current one unlike Premium vehicle that gives 2x RP while covering rank 1 upto its current one.

I hope THEY add more for each navy and every type as well although i wasn’t hoping all or most of it in a year or 2 nearest BUT at least eventually all type of ships representing all navy in the game WILL BE COMPLETED one long day

Next suggestion part starts with Italian’s captured Yugoslavian Destroyer which they renamed Sebenico and added 8 single 20mm Breda Autocannon OR 2nd batch of Comandante Margottini which basically adds 5th 135mm gun on the X turret slot, similar to German 5 gun placement & 2 quad 37mm Breda Autocannon and 2 quad German 65-caliber 20mm Flakvierling represent Destroyer

RN Duca degli Abruzzi-class cruisers in 1955 refit or 1961 Missile cruiser would represent Light Cruiser squadron and RN Fiume in its initial armament before 1939 as Heavy Cruiser since RN Gorizia survived til 1944 which receive armament refit that could be added as Tech Tree in the future

Final Part Of this Post would be USSR one since French barely in Closed Beta Test recently, so i’ll add it later

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