List of ground-vehicles of the Federal Republic of Germany (possible additions)

Ah shame. I completely missed that. Did hear about the boxer variant, but that’s also gonna be a while before any get delivered.

@Karmafelds theoreticaly it was the right one, the FDR thread is todays germany , just that the vehicle doesnt fit into it, that being said gajin might give it to sweden and germany out of laziness to make it easier since the nasraam iris t laucher from kongsberg does have a german chassis, and the boxer variant will need a good bit longer until it is fully developed and we will see it, while the nasraam already did test fire, but yeah i like how the nasraam looks as well, but i definitly would want the boxer variant at one point

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If it comes with the 30mm, it’ll be like a German pantsir

no no, 3 vehicle system, 1 command vehicle with a strong radar, 1 vehicle skyranger variant with 2 stingers, and 1 vehicle with iris t that compliment each other but skyranger and iris t variant have their own radars as well

Fuuuuck, I got excited for a second

yeah dont ask me, i dont know either why they dont make 1 more competent vehicle it would save manpower as well, but it makes them smaller and less endangered against anti radar missles. And apparently they want it to be air transportable

If you are more intrested in the matter and can understand german i can recommend you this video. This or next month he should upload a specialized video about which skyranger variant with which specifications it will have in cooperation with rheinmetall , since he has a contact person there


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Thanks! I’ll defintely give it a watch.

It comes with a 40mm instead
its a grenade launcher though

But with AHEAD

German M47 with the MB 837 A V8 diesel engine made by Daimler Benz. This engine was developed for the Indienpanzer and tested in this configuration.


An m47 with good mobilty? Sign me up.

good mobility with a worse engine?

Is it worse? Oh well then thatd be a pretty useless addition. Just kind of assumed youd only replace the engine with a better one.

The MB 837 A had 660hp compared to 810hp on the normal M47.

Oh that is much worse.

Added o7

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but probably lower aswell. It could be 7.0 with heat-fs or even 6.7 without heat-fs.

GTFz Boxer equipped with an Rh202 in the FLW 200



Marder 1A3 Mells (Add to the list of equipment)


The upgraded Marder-1A3 armored vehicle is equipped with a MELLS launcher for launching the Spike ATGM family, a new Hensoldt Spectus sight, tracks and a fire extinguishing system from the Puma BMP.



Lynx 120:

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