List of ground-vehicles of the Federal Republic of Germany (possible additions)

certainly would love an “upgraded radkampfwagon 90” so to say with small spike feature for fun or anti heli duty

Yes, and theres single launchers on each side, similar to the Freccia

Much better

German M-60

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@Stuhlfleisch Wiesel 1 Mells with spikes and SPz Puma S1 are still missing in the list

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how about this one?


and this (this might already be in but in a different name perhaps):
Schützenpanzer kurz – Wikipedia

scratch that the spahpanzer kurz is already in the list:
also leo2pso is implemented

Added o7

PSO marked as implemented o7

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Can i ask a question? Will be in Germany tree kf-31(41) (another version) in future if you presented it here, or it’s will be exclusive for Hungary? I already see what developers written, but i want to know, because i really like this vehicle

he mostly likely just marked it as possibility since it is german, he isnt an official mod in the regard of additions

Even he knows more then we, i suppose.

1 month till the next devblogs, here’s to hoping we get the Leo 2A7, V or +…

Id like to add to this list these vehicles:

The Faun Kraka Terrier (armored)

Mowag shark 105mm SLR testbed

Mowag trojan with the E4 mk30-2 turret

The 120mm TH400

The 76mm gt4 TH400

ACV Puma leo 1 turret

ACV puma 440hp 25 mm oerlikon

ACV puma 440hp 25mm Mauser

ACV puma 750hp 25mm mauser

ACV puma 750hp 25mm oerlikon

TH495 oto melara t25 25mm

TH495 mk30-2 E4 turret

This exists?

As far as i can tell with limited info, yeah i think.

Its hard to tell but this cannon is definetly not the same as the leo 1a5 105mm. It appears to have the rounded bore evacuator of the 120mm, whereas the 105mm is far sharper.

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I also forgot the Marder CCV/evolution.


it’s so ugly and I love it

Anyone have any more info on the Flakpanzer wildcat? Sound really interesting

Already offered on ru forum

you are completly wrong on that one, it is not planned to be put into german service, i think belgium wants to put it inton service as well, germany is developing a 3 vehicle anti air system on the boxers, existing of a command station with high power radar, the skyranger 30mm with 2 spaas and the iris T missle boxer

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