Linux users hi

Usuários Linux.
Diga sua distribuição e sua opiniões sobre warthunder no linux.

Linux 用户。
告诉你你的发行版以及你对 Linux 上的 Warthunder 的看法

Linux Users.
State your distribution and your opinions about warthunder on linux.

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For me it is one of the best supported games on Linux platform. Vulkan is stable in WT (for a couple of years already), multiple joysticks supported. Of course there is a bunch of annoying bugs in the game :) But they are general for the game engine, not many bugs that bound specifically to Linux OS.

Really native Linux support was the main reason why I decided to try War Thunder instead of more popular tank game from another company :)

i’m using Slackware linux, with a AMD A10-7850K and a AMD RX480

Started to play due to the new linux support, so decided to try and have been playing since. Great game, cat and mouse strategy in tanks, fun dogfight in planes, more relaxing sailing in boats.
The game is MUCH better since it is using vulkan, performance is now good as opposed of barely running at the minimum in the old opengl version