[Linux Build] Game now seems to be locked at minimal GPU usage and only occasionally jumps up to 144fps

Set up is RX 6750 XT, War thunder installed on SSD, and a 13th gen i7. No cooling issues.

Game just locks itself to low gpu usage (30%) and gives shit performance. Locking it to 60 fps to try at least get a playable experience causes it to drop to 20fps instead of loitering at 60. Are any other Linux users experiencing this?

Are you using desktop or a laptop?

I am on a laptop and was experiencing something similar. I solved it by launching the game to run via the GPU (Nvidia Prime offloading). You could try launching steam on console via “DRI_PRIME=1 steam” to see if it has any effect?

Hello @Fluffy_Bucketles,

Could you please post your full system information from the inxi -F command?

Can’t say I’ve noticed this issue myself on a RX 6500 XT on Arch.

It seems to have resolved itself.

Right, Well glad to hear it has been resolved. :)