Linking my steam account to Gaijin account?

Hello! I’m new to this game and I made a Gaijin account through a invite that gives me rewards. So I downloaded the game from Steam.

But then when it asked me to log in with Gaijin account the game crashed again and again so I continued without login in to see if I could add the Gaijin account after the tutorial and some battles. But I couldn’t find any option

Is possible to link my Steam account to the Gaijin account? thxs

I mean I log in with steam it should be an option. When you launch the game click the external browser button.

The external browser option is the website?

launch the game

Yeah done

there should be a button called open in browser

The email biding? ALready did that but it says that the email is already taken


I dealt with similar situation, when I was grinding Warthunder Mobile for rewards to standard Warthunder.

In short, it is not possible to merge two existing Warthunder accounts.
What email binding does is essentialy creating new linked Gaijin account to already existing Steam account.

It doesn’t let you add email address to your Steam account, because it is already used by that Gaijin account.

In your case you have to decide which one you want to use. Either Gaijin account you created through invite link, or Steam account you created when you failed to login with Gaijin account.

Let me know if you have any further questions.