Linear zoom only for optics

Is there any way to setup linear zoom just for optics?

For example I had these settings


If I use Zoom Camera, it switches zoom for current camera without altering other cameras. For example if I zoom in in gun sight and then switch bach to 3rd person view, I am not zoomed in in that 3rd person view.

However if I do same thing with Zoom axis then zoom is carried between cameras. So if I zoom in in gunner sight and go back to 3rd person view, I am zoomed in there as well.

And that is my problem, I would like to have linear zoom set by Zoom axis only applied to current optics as some vehicles has ridiculous zoom for its purpose, like VBCI-2 with 2.0-14.7x optics.

There is an option in common battle settings where you can select if you want to keep the zoom value when switching cameras or not. Not sure if that is what you need.


If you mean this than it did not helped.

Why dont you assign a key to reset axis in your controls?

Well I want to have gunner optic zoom saved, that is the main thing. I do not want to zoom every time I switch back to gunner optics. I want to use on VBCI gunner optic something around 8.0x. World of Tanks has this feature where zoom in optics and zoom in 3rd person are separated from each other so I do not know why it is not possible here.

I see, the best thing to do is to create a suggestion and explain how it would improve the gameplay…