Light Tank M3A1 Satan and M5A1

So i believe this tank should be added , its quite funny to say the least since its got Ronson F.U.L Mk. IV Flame thrower
3 to 5 cal.30 (7.62 mm) M1919 machine guns and sorry i cant find what cannon is used in the current images but…the normal version of it uses the M6 cannon , its basicly the same as the crocodile churchill normal tank , one flamethrower

However there are 2 more variants the M5 Satan E7-7 and E9-9 which are equipped with different main cannons but also feature a flame thrower
sorry for not having everything perfect(this is my first post)
You let me know down in the comments if any of this should be added and how to imrpove my post
Thank you for your time.

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I’m all for more flame tanks even if they are a gimmick.

The turreted one would not have its/a cannon, but the one with a bow flamethrower would have the standard gun.