Light tank 59-16

I was doing some research on the prototype light tanks of China and stumbbled upon the 59-16, but tthe more research, them more confused I am getting.
Allegedly the 59-16 was blewn up during neuclear tests, as seen in this photo with the tank with 4 road wheels:
This vehicle seems to be the predceccor to the Type-62, or WZ-131

But tank encyclopedia and some other chinese sources suggest that this vehicle is some sort of modification on the SU-76 chassis with a T-54 upside down wok style turret and 76mm gun:
1st vehicle:
2,d vehicle:
Acording to sources, only 2 were produced as seen with the different mud fenders and different Cannon recoil pump. They had some modifications to the transmission because the top speed was increased to 60 km/h. The armamant was ZiS-3 76.2mm, hull armour is same as SU-76M, turret armour allegedly had max value of 60mm and the engine seems to be moved to the back, but that is just my speculation.

Anyone having any additional information about the 59-16? More info will be appreciated.

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The vehicle in the picture should be the Type 63 APC, or any vehicle based on the chassis of this type of vehicle

In fact, this photo has been falsified. It should be a training tank modified from an SU-76M after the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations. it was used to train anti-tank methods rather than a real combat vehicle.
This is a much more accurate picture for the model of this tank

This photo is even more classic rumor. Although it looks a lot like type 59/T54, this photo still comes from a modified SU-76M. This photo was taken from the side of the car body. It can be clearly seen that the original SU-76M casemate structure has been removed and a turret has been installed.
Considering the length of the SU-76M, the middle part of the turret is basically behind the second pair of pulleys of the SU-76M. With this arrangement, there should be only a relatively short section left at the rear of the body.
In this case, if the turret were real, there would be absolutely no place for the engine to be mounted.
Therefore, it is considered to be another teaching vehicle modified from the SU76M and used to train anti-tank methods.
The development process of 59-16 is too confusing to be truly sorted out. but the most common ways are that the vehicle either has completed territory or is only in the envisioning stage.

The development history of 59-16 is too complicated and confusing to really sort out. But the most common way is that the vehicle either has a completed vehicle chassis except for the turret, or is only in the envisioning stage of a wooden model.
But either statement clarifies that this vehicle is not modified from SU-76


Thankyou for the clarifications.