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Leytenant Il’in-class Destroyer, Valerian Kuybyshev

Bluewater vessel, Frunze with better AA, a radar, and anti submarine weaponry.

A Lieutenant Ilyin-class destroyer originally named “Kapitan Kern”, after a destroyer captain who died at the Battle of Tsushima. It was laid down in 1913, but construction was put on hold due to the war. The Bolshevik government renamed it “Rykov” and completed it in 1927 for the Baltic Fleet, though after Rykov’s arrest in 1937, it was again renamed to “Valerian Kuybyshev”. In 1933 it was transferred to the Northern Fleet, and was refitted in 1938, after which it and the destroyer Grozny provided gunfire support in the Battle of Petsamo during the Winter War.

During the Second World War, it was the flagship of the Submarine Brigade, and spent the war escorting Arctic Convoys, fighting German aircraft (downing three), U-Boats (heavily damaging one), ice, and storms (Rescuing the destroyer Sokrushitel’nyy), and was awarded the Order of the Red banner for its service. In the middle of 1943, it underwent an extensive refit, where its boilers were replaced, anti-aircraft weapons strengthened, and a radar and sonar fitted. Its final combat mission was the escorting of convoy JW-66 in 1945. After the war it was used to test anti-rolling stabilizer designs and in 1956 atomic weapons, after which it was scrapped.

Specifications (1945):

4x1 102mm/60 pattern 1911
2x1 45mm/68 21-KM
2x1 37mm 70-K
2x1 20mm Oerlikon
3x1 12.7mm DShK
3x3 450mm TT
2x1 BMB-1 Depth Charge Throwers (24x BB-1 Depth Charges and 22x M-1 Depth Charges)

1720 tons standard
2020 tons full

Length: 98m

Beam: 9.34m

Draft: 3.9m

Propulsion: 2 Brown-Boveri-Parsons steam turbines and 4 steam boilers, 31 500 hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 28.75 knots (53.25 km/h)

Range: 1720 nmi (at 16 knots)

Crew: 182

3m DM-3 rangefinder
Type 286PW search radar
SF-1 surface search radar
Type 128s sonar




A rather incorrect model

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Quite heavily armed for AA! Very cool! +1