Lets talk about the state of Germany

US has the base version of those vehicles dont they? not necesarily the specific upgraded ones but they do have them.
In the mean time germany lacks any version of KF41

dont know why you complain about that to me even, i am not gajin

take it, the fewest of us care about some weird class 3P. The KF41 is a true bonafit german vehicle. Class 3P not realy

again already answered

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That must have been added recently as when Dev first came out that was not an option.

Got added today

Not the Sabredogs. They are entirely unique from the regular sabre. It’d be like if Germany had the F-84F and you called the US F-84 the same thing. They aren’t. They are entirely different.

Then whys it in the Hungarian tech tree? Just cause?
Does Germany use the KF41? Or did they just make it and sell it? Because if we are going by “just made it and sold it”, there are a million and one vehicles that could start going in other tech trees, like half of Chinas lower tier Aviation to the US or the Panther to Italy (they had permission to build them in their own right, from what I have seen). It’s a dangerous game to play, purchased vehicles.

Yeah ok so that’s not on me then, that makes me feel a bit better

Because its the hungarian export variant
Doesnt change its purely german

But US has a F84F as well…

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You missed the point.

The KF31 is German. The KF41 is Hungarian.

KF 31 and KF 41 are different
and no Hungary got an export the KF41 its german

I’m sorry; I appear to be wrong

Germany uses no variant of the Lynx fighting vehicle, according to their own website (Armoured Forces).

So it makes sense why it doesn’t get them then. The US gets none of it’s export planes. So it’s logical and fits what Gaijin has done in the past.

KF31 and KF41 is completely different while KF31 its the earlies prototype that would end up as the KF41 or as i like to call it the “Diet KF41”

F16 and F15?

I mean if there isn’t a version used by another nation Germany should have full claim to that.

but the one in game is the one used by Hungary so they got it.

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Yeah I did some more reading and saw I was wildly incorrect, however I didn’t remember to change my post so now I just look silly. They were variants of each other.

P-66, P-35, CW-21. Just as some examples.

3 versions, 2 of them would be copy paste so just cut it to 2, one with thick NERA and composite and a 35mm and the other one with medium sized NERA together with the classical 30mm

call that on gaijin that’s straight up bs from their part, im talking about more modern stuff aswell, for example america recieved an M1A1 AIM wich its an export abrams

If France somehow get Leopard 2 I’ll call it total BS

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BeNeLux sub-tree. Last I checked both Belgium and the Neathland use Leos so they’ll get them.

BeNeLux should have been its own tree but Gaijin doesn’t do research(as seen by some of Gaijin’s claims). Leos are also one of the most exported MBTs in the world so nations that used them will get them

So i guess gaijin give German biggest FY in war thunder history then (even dutch have more military connections more than France)

I wouldn’t say that, there are nations being treated worse than this update. (and Gaijin is one of the 3 best nations in game fighting them is an auto loss. )

Beside Subtrees are picked based on WW2(else the UK wouldn’t have ZA, Italy Hungry as nether make sense bar WW2 for their host trees). And it’s always be BeNeLux together that what all the suggestion have been