Lets talk about the so called "Dev Server"

This has been long everdue but the “Dev server” is for testing stuff right?

So why do we have to still grind a whole tree to test the new vehicles, why are the only ones getting the free stuff CC´s?


I should be able to test the vehicles to their full extent to find bugs.

The only thing CC´s (youtubers) use the free vehicles and techtrees for is Hype, just Hype.
They say stuff like “This vehicle will be soo good, its worth grinding the TT” and so on.

The stuff on the TT is not even final.

Any/most CC´s (youtuber, popular skin creator and twitch streamer) get the CC package that consists of A adequate amount of Golden Eagles the New Vehicles and probably more.
If you wonder i saw this in a post from a CC(skin creator) that didnt even know he was Qualified for that.

Please Change something about this unjustified grind on a server that doesnt even matter.

Please discuss with respect, use common sense and constructive criticism. (dont be a dick)

Thanks for reading this.


They do that to get people to buy GE

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Where is the UK gripen going on the TT??

This is not a post to rant about additions on the dev server.
As gaijin said in their streams:
“The Gripen that will come in the British Tech Tree is not yet ready and will not be in the first dev server

Please stop asking “when does this come when does that come”, you will not get far.
as @Pacifica for example has said already in other threads.

A very simple answer to this is, “It will be added when its ready

But where is it going not when is it coming where under Tornado F3? under Harrier gr 7?

They do it so people who are only at rank 3 actually test new stuff at rank 3 when they add it.

If they gave everyone a full TT on the Dev server then everyone would just jump into the top tier aircraft to try them out while they had the chance, ergo low tier vehicles never end up getting tested.

That being said they should at least let everyone test drive all vehicles even in base game just so that you don’t end up grinding hours for something only to find out you don’t like it.

But as far as the Dev Server goes the system works fine.

we dont know, i dont work for or at gaijin why should i know.
Please keep this out of the discussion.
Thank you.

you cant test low tier vehicles (in ground) because all matches in grb are against players in top tier vehicles.
you cant spade them, you cant test them.

Since i am at toptier and dont care about lower tier additions, I dont think i should have to grind the whole of “name a country” just to play the mirage 4k the leopard 2A7 or any toptier vehicle for 3 days and everything resets after the server closes so i have to do it again if they add something else for french toptier.

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I think it’s more for the hype factor and geting people the grind more trees in the hopes of testing the new vehicle instantly in the dev server.
But that would also involve people spending GE at some point

The dev server is not used for testing but rather for the hype.
At least we did not have buggy update recently so intense testing is not nescesarry apparently


I always found it weird that Gaijin uses the Dev server as a CC’s playground, while giving the rest of the playerbase the finger. You know, the players who actually grind the game…

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As opposed to CC who advertise the game, believe it or not it isn’t just charity, by giving CCs everything on the dev server Gaijin get free advertising, whereas for the rest of us they don’t want people to just mess around in top tier the whole time and not test other things.

There should be exceptions like with the addition of Hungary for example, no one could have had that tree researched so it should have gone out to everyone. But for the most part the system works exactly how it should for testing, because that is the point of the server, it’s not even there for you to have fun, it there for you to find bugs.

I just don’t understand why Gaijin puts more stock into CC’s finding bugs, than the rest of the player base… As if CC’s are somehow smarter than us or something…

Content creators advertise the game, that’s why, it builds hype if on day one of the dev server you see 20 new videos of the F-15 or SU-27

The rest of us don’t, so we get to play it so we can find bug and give feedback on the forum, and feedback from a bunch of rank 3 and 4 players who suddenly start playing top tier isn’t useful at all, especially jets have a steep learning curve and having a bunch of people complaining because they don’t know how to use radar missile is just bad feedback.